Faculty Activity Reporting (FAR) with Digital Measures (DM)


**Far Faculty Survey**  

Summary of faculty responses to the Fall 2012 FAR Faculty Survey 


Q: How do I access and login to Digital Measures? Accessing Digital Measures

  1. Login to https://blackboard.unh.edu
  2. Locate the "UNH – Faculty Activity Reporting" module. It should appear under your listed courses ("My Blackboard Courses") and looks like this:
  3. Click "CLICK THIS LINK" and you will be logged into Digital Measures "Manage Your Activities"

Q: What is the source of the pre-populated data, for example, in the "Scheduled Teaching" screen?

Five screens in Digital Measures are pre-populated with data from UNH/USNH data sources. Below is a list of the screens and the UNH/USNH data source:

Personal and Contact Information USNH BANNER Human Resource System
Administrative Data – Permanent Data | Yearly Data USNH BANNER Human Resource System
* PLEASE NOTE: The Permanent Data screen will be removed from Digital Measures.
Education USNH BANNER Human Resource System
Scheduled Teaching UNH BANNER Student Information System
UNH Institutional Research Course Evaluation System
Externally Sponsored Grants and Contracts USNH InfoEd System

Q: Why can't I add or change information about research or scheduled teaching or yearly data? The information there is wrong, but I can't change it.

Because some Digital Measures screens have been pre-populated with UNH/USNH data, you cannot add or change information in some of the fields on these screens. If data is incorrect, complete and subit the webform at http://unh.edu/institutional-research/get-help and include the following information:

  1. Name of the Digital Measures' screen that appears under "Activities Database – University." It will be one of the following names:
    1. Personal and Contact Information
    2. Administrative Data | Yearly Data
    3. Education
    4. Scheduled Teaching
    5. Externally Sponsored Grants and Contracts
  2. The name of the field that contains the incorrect data
  3. The incorrect data
  4. The correct data
  5. Your name

We will report the incorrect data to the data steward and request that the correction be made to the UNH and/or USNH source system. The corrected data would then be fed back to your record in the Digital Measures system.

Where do I enter my information? An Overview of Digital Measures' Screens

The UNH Digital Measures system contains 28 screens into which you can enter your data. If you have questions about which screen to use to enter particular data, you should contact your school/college/library dean's office representative. Click here to find your school/college/library representative.

Click here to open a PDF document that lists the Digital Measures' screens.

Q: Can I paste information from my Vita or other sources? How to use the PasteBoard.

You can cut and paste text from any document that you can open and select text. You can also use the Digital Measures' PasteBoard. The PasteBoard presents a window into which you can paste some or all of a document. Here's what it looks like:

Paste text into the PasteBoard, select the text you want to enter into the Digital Measures screen, then drag and drop into any field on a screen that is highlighted with a green border. You can also move from screen-to-screen and continue to drag and drop text from the PasteBoard.

Click here to access a short video tutorial for using the PasteBoard.

NOTE: The PasteBoard DOES NOT appear in the Digital Measures interface if you are using Safari or Chrome as your browser. Use Firefox or Internet Explorer to enable use of the PasteBoard.

Q: I don't see the PasteBoard when I bring up Digital Measures. What's wrong?

The PasteBoard DOES NOT appear in the Digital Measures interface if you are using Safari or Chrome as your browser. Use Firefox or Internet Explorer to enable use of the PasteBoard.

Q: How can I create a Vita or my annual report from the data I entered?

There are currently 2 reports that faculty can produce in Digital Measures:

  1. Faculty Annual Report
  2. Vita

To produce one of these reports, do the following in Digital Measures:

  1. Click the Custom Reports buttonbutton located on the left side of the screen.
  2. Select "Annual Faculty Activity Report" from the drop-down menu
  3. Click the "Select Report" button next to the report you selected. It will look like the following:
    Select Report to run
  4. Select the date range
  5. Select the file format for the report (Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF, HTML)
  6. Select the page size (Letter, A4)
  7. Click the Build Report button button on the bottom right of the screen. This action will create the report and download it to your computer. You can then open and edit the report (if you saved it in Microsoft Word format).