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New Initiatives for Achieving Inclusive Excellence

UNH is broadening the role of the Office of Diversity Initiatives and advancing the commitment expressed in its Strategic Plan by introducing The Office of Faculty Development and Inclusive Excellence Initiatives.

Provost Aber says, “The name change and initiatives mirror the national focus on inclusive excellence, which requires strategic, ongoing interactions across campus and in all aspects of university life.”

Campus leaders have been promoting minorities, low-income families; first-generation college students; persons with disabilities, nontraditional students, as well as other diverse citizens of the state and beyond. Read more about the name change »

Commitment to Excellence through Diversity

We welcome you to view the video, Many Faces, One Mission: Inclusion, produced in April 2006.

We are grateful to all involved in the advancement of inclusion and equity. Dedicated individuals and groups across campus have worked on initiatives critical to improving the academic and social experiences of living, studying, and working at UNH. This video is a tribute to that work and to our full potential as a learning community.

Progress of Diversity at UNH

  • Fall 2012 - UNH receives an NSF ADVANCE Institutional Transformation grant to strengthen policies and implement practices to address gender imbalance, primarily but not solely in the STEM disciplines.
  • Fall 2011 - The Diversity Council along with campus stakeholders engaged in a 21-month process to develop the 2010-2020 Inclusive Excellence Plan, Making Excellence Inclusive: Advancing Access, Diversity and Equity in an effort to renew UNH’s commitment to diversity and equity while advancing the key initiatives championed in the 2004-2009 Diversity Plan.

    The four President’s Commissions participated in an eight-month review process to identify opportunities for more integrated operations to advance diversity and equity. The commission review re-affirmed their agency in exposing and confronting inequities as they promote initiatives to create a safer, more welcoming UNH community for members of their under-represented groups. The creation of the University Council for Inclusive Excellence and Equity was also an outcome of the review process.
  • Spring 2010 - UNH initiates and hosts the first statewide conversation on Inclusive Excellence
  • Spring 2009 - President Huddleston announces the establishment of a Commission on the Status of People with Disabilities
  • Fall 2008 - UNH acquires Portsmouth Black Heritage Trail and Rock Rest Papers for the Milne Collection at Dimond Library
  • April 2008 - The University celebrates first student-sponsored black family weekend.
  • January 2007 - The Campus Safe Zones program is re-designed and re-instituted.
  • Fall 2006 - Administered the first University-wide campus climate survey for students, faculty and staff. May 2006, First Diversity Celebration Banquet for an inclusive community of alumni, students, faculty, staff, and members of the external community
  • September 2005 - UNH’s Diversity Plan endorsed and implemented to advance goals of previous diversity proposals developed in 1994, 1991, and 1989
  • January 2005 - First Vice Provost for Diversity, Dr. Wanda Mitchell, appointed
  • April and June, 2004 - Faculty Senate Diversity Statement and the University’s Commitment to Diversity Statement endorsed and developed
  • 2001 - The President’s Commission on the Status of GLBT Issues established, originating from the GL Task Force in 1992
  • 1999 - Common Purposes, a floor in Devine Hall, developed to promote diversity among students
  • 1999 - Domestic Partner Benefits instituted at UNH
  • 1997 - The President’s Commission on the Status of People of Color established
  • 1991 - Departments develop their first action plan for establishing five-year affirmative action goals to increase the representation of women and minority faculty and staff
  • 1990 - The Office of Multicultural Student Affairs Office (OMSA) created
  • 1989 - First African American commencement speaker, Alex Haley
  • 1985 - First high-ranking African American administrator, Dr. Carmen Buford, Associate Dean of Students, appointed
  • 1980 - First woman president, Dr. Evelyn Handler, appointed
  • 1978 - First African American honorary doctorate recipient, Clark Terry
  • 1972 - The President’s Commission on the Status of Women established
  • 1968 - First African American administrator appointed, Myrna Adams, Assistant to the Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • 1968 - First African American faculty, Dr. Lester Fisher, appointed
  • 1927 - First woman faculty member, Naomi Ekdahl, appointed
  • 1926 - First African American graduate, Elizabeth Ann Virgil
  • 1890 - First women, Lucy Swallow and Delia Brown, accepted as students

Photo demonstrating Inclusive Excellence at UNH

Photo demonstrating Inclusive Excellence at UNH

Photo demonstrating Inclusive Excellence at UNH

Photo demonstrating Inclusive Excellence at UNH