Life/Disability Insurance

Life Insurance Overview

The University offers the following Life Insurance plans:

Under the Flexible Benefits Program, there are four life insurance options from which to choose. All options carry a double indemnity clause for accidental death.




$10,000 basic coverage


1 1/2 times annual salary


3 times annual salary


4 1/2 times annual salary

Voluntary Life Insurance (Voya)

ING offers voluntary portable life insurance coverage with payroll deductions based on your current age.  Amounts of coverage can range from $20,000 to $500,000. Coverage is also available for spouse and children.

To request enrollment materials contact HR Benefits team at: 862-0504

Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D)

The University provides AD&D as an additional feature of your basic life insurance policy. Employees may purchase additional AD&D insurance in amounts equal to the voluntary portable life insurance coverage up to $250,000.

Teachers' Assurance and Annuity Association (TIAA)

TIAA offers individual term life insurance plans to employees and their spouses. For further information call TIAA at 1-800-223-1200.
Enrollment in the TIAA/CREF retirement plan is not necessary to purchase this life insurance.

Interim Disability

Interim Disability is intended to bridge the six month waiting period for long term disability. The University will continue salary for a period of up to six months in situations where medical documentation provided to Human Resources indicates that a non-work-related illness or injury will result in absence from work for six months or more. Salary is provided through the use of accrued Sick Leave and/or paid interim disability leave (see "Applying for Interim Disability" below) when sick leave is exhausted. Faculty and staff members shall continue to be eligible for coverage by those benefits available before the disability. However, they shall not accrue vacation or sick leave while on interim disability.


Benefits eligible faculty, PAT and Extension Educators are eligible for interim disability.

Employees under the Earned Time paid leave plan are NOT eligible for the University's Interim Disability Plan, but have the option of applying for the ISI New England Short Term Disability Income Protection Plan. Allowance for interim disability is included in the Earned Time accrual rate.

Applying for Interim Disability

If a health care provider requires an employee to be absent from work due to non-work-related illness or injury that may be for a period of six months or longer, a Certification of Health Care Provider form is completed and processed through the employee's supervisor to Human Resources for approval.

Pregnancy Related

Staff who are unable to perform their duties and responsibilities because of medical complications related to pregnancy and childbirth may apply for interim disability. Upon receipt of medical documentation (Certification of Health Care Provider form) in support of such leave the period of interim disability is determined on a case by case basis. Such leaves shall usually extend for a period from childbirth through six weeks. As with all leaves for interim disability, the period of leave shall include the use of accumulated Sick Leave benefits.

Long Term Disability

LTD/Worker's Compensation Policy - USNH

Long Term Disability (LTD) is defined as the inability by reason of sickness or bodily injury to engage in any occupation for which the employee is reasonably fitted by education, training, or experience. The long term disability benefit is payable on the first day of the month following six months of continuous and long term disability; benefits depend on the option selected.

Under the Flexible Benefits Program, there are three long term disability coverage options from which to choose. Option B is for 50 - 74% appointments.  Disability payments are integrated with Social Security benefits.

Option % of Annual Salary Maximum Benefit
A 50% $5,000/month
B 60% $5,000/month
C 66 2/3% $7,000/month

Applying for Long Term Disability (LTD)

If a health care provider determines that an employee will be absent from work due to illness or bodily injury for more than six months, a Certification of Health Care Provider form is completed. The employee provides this form to his/her health care provider for completion. As soon as possible, but no later than the 5th month of disability, the employee completes an LTD application form (available through Human Resources). The employee provides this form to his/her health care provider to complete the medical section and returns it to Human Resources.