Annual Earned Time Cash-Out Program

2014 Program Information:

Earned Time Cash Out information for non-exempt (OS) employees have the ability to cash out Earned Time annually. The Board of Trustees approved USNH policy Employee Benefits 4.10.7, which provides Operating Staff employees the ability to cash out a portion of their Earned Time hours once a year based on the following criteria:

• All new operating staff employees will need to have completed their introductory period by November 28th to be eligible;
• Up to 37.5 or 40 hours of accrued Earned Time (equivalent to 5 days of paid leave based on the employee's work week) can be cashed out as long as a balance of 24 hours remains after the cash out is applied;
• The cash out request form must be completed, signed and received by UNH HR (2 Leavitt Lane) by October 31, 2014;
• The cash out payment must be voluntary and is based on the hourly rate in effect at the time payment is made; and
• Payment will be received in the November 28th paycheck.

At UNH the earned time cash out option will coincide annually with UNH's sick pool conversion month (currently October) to ensure that OS staff can effectively make decisions related to their earned time.