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Upper Quad Halls (Hitchcock, Randall & Devine)

Devine HallDevine Hall Exterior Hitchcock Hall Winter in the Upper QuadHitchcock Quad in Winter
Campus Map Randall HallRandall Hall Main Entrance
Randall Entry LoungeRandall Hall Main Entry Lounge Double in the Upper QuadDevine Hall Single



The Upper Quad is comprised of three attached halls: Hitchcock, Randall and Devine. The Upper Quad Halls are open during academic year breaks (Winter, Spring and Thanksgiving) when the other residence halls close at additional cost.

  • kitchens
  • lots of lounge space
  • private courtyard
  • UNH Campus Security Substation
  • ping-pong table


Devine Hall was dedicated 22 October 1966 and named in honor of Maurice Francis Devine, who served on the USNH Board of Trustees from 1949 – 1969. Also former Chairman of the Board’s Finance Committee. Hitchcock Hall was dedicated 24 April 1960. Hitchcock was named in honor of Leon Whitney Hitchcock, Professor of Electrical Engineering from 1910 – 1956. Professor Hitchcock's lifetime service as a teacher and professional and personal standards profoundly influenced the career of many New Hampshire men. Randall Hall was dedicated 24 April 1960. Randall was named in honor of Frank Wiggin Randall, Class of 1907. Randall later became President of the Board of Trustees, President of the Alumni Association, and the 1957 recipient of the Pettee Memorial Medal.

Upper Quad Hall Community

Gilly Barbato Hall Director - Gilly Scott

  • Advice for students..."The journey of 1,000 miles begins with one step.” Lao-Tzu
    Whether you are a first year student, sophomore, junior, or senior, it is NEVER too late! Go out and explore different areas of studies, take adventures, and remember that starting is always one step away.

For an inside look at life in Upper Quad Halls, visit Res-Life's Upper Quad Hall community pages

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