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On-Campus HousinG Request FAQs

Q. I won’t be on-campus the morning that the process opens.  How can I make sure my application gets to Housing?

A. The Fall On-Campus Housing Request will be available both in our office and online in Blackboard's Housing Online module ( > Webcat/Services tab > Housing Online). You will have access to Blackboard's Housing Online site as long as you have applied to UNH and have been given a UNH Blackboard User Name and created your Blackboard account. Remember, you do not have to be admitted to apply for on-campus housing, but you have to have applied for admission to UNH. 

Q. I want to confirm that my on-campus housing request was received.  Who do I contact?

A. You can confirm that your request has been received by contacting the Housing Department at (603) 862-2120 or at

Q. I feel that I have special circumstances that need to be considered.  How can I make sure that the Housing Department knows about them?

A. If you feel that you have special circumstances or that your request may need extra consideration by our staff, please feel free to submit any additional information or documents that you feel are necessary to inform us of your situation. Please send additional info to or fax it to our office at 603.862.3406. 

Q. How do I improve my chances of getting an offer of housing?

A. Though our offers are made based on a priority system, there are two things you can do to help improve your chances of receiving an offer: submit your completed request to our office as soon as possible after the process opens and stay flexible with your housing preferences. 

Q. How do I learn more about the apartments and residence halls?

A.  You can find more information regarding the apartments and residence halls by visiting our website and viewing the apartments and residence halls pages.

Q. I am planning to transfer to UNH but haven’t been accepted yet.  Do I have to wait to submit my On-Campus Housing Request?

A. No!  If you are interested in being considered for on-campus housing we encourage you to submit your request as early as possible after the process begins.

Q. Can I remove my request if I find alternate housing?

Q. Can I remove my request if I find alternate housing?

Q. How many offers will you be able to make?

A. The number of offers that we are able to make is based on the number of vacancies available after our housing processes as well as on housing cancellations that come in after that time.  Spaces often become available between semesters as well, as students sometimes decide not to return to UNH and no longer require housing. Spring semester is typically a very good time to come in to on-campus housing.

Q. When will housing offers be made?

A. We are typically able to begin making housing offers starting in June for Fall Housing, and beginning in December for Spring semester housing.  Because we receive last minute cancellations we are often able to make housing offers right up to the start of the semester; however there is no way to predict when our last round of offers will be made.

Q. How will I know if I have been offered housing?

A. If we are able to make you an offer of housing, you will receive an e-mail from our office giving you specifics on whether you will be accommodated in the on-campus apartments or the residence halls, as well as how to officially accept your offer.  You will not receive your official assignment until closer to the start of the semester.

Q. Will I hear from Housing if I am not made an offer?

A. No, you will only receive notification from us when you are being made an offer or if we have other information to share with you with regards to UNH Housing.

Q. Do I get to choose where I am assigned?

A. If you have a preference of where you would like to be placed, we’d love to hear about it and will do our best to accommodate you.  Because our vacancies come from students who have decided not to return to housing, we are not always able to assign you to a space that matches your preferences.  Please note that offers to students are typically to spaces in the on-campus undergraduate apartments.

Q. Does my request for on-campus housing carry over from one semester to the other?

A. No, your request does not carry over from one semester to another.  If you wish to be considered for on-campus housing for more than one semester, you MUST submit a new request each semester.

Q. I have a question about the process that hasn’t been answered.  Who should I contact?

A.  Please feel free to e-mail any additional questions to


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