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Assignment Processes

Living @ UNH

Roommate Classifieds

If you are a current UNH resident and have a space or want to find a roommate and want to remain in on-campus housing, login to Blackboard's Housing Online module (Blackboard > Webcat/Svs > Housing Online > Continue). Once you are in the Housing Online website, navigate to "Roommate Classifieds > Create & Edit Classifieds".

This will bring up an option to create an ad (or edit one if already created). Complete the form. Remember ads that are written well and contain critical matching information will get the most reviews/hits. For instance, an ad that says only: looking for female roommate, won't get near the buzz or interest as this ad: Hi, I'm a sophomore Roommate Classified Screen Shotwho's looking for a great roommate for next year. I don't run with scissors and can usually be trusted to keep my side of the room within Department of Health codes (grin). Make sure you list what's important to you in finding or listing your roommate potential.

Once the ad is approved, usually within hours, you can view your classified, or (at any time) browse through all roommate classifieds. Each listing will remain active for approximately 30 days. New with this software version, you won't need to retype your ad to resubmit, just go to the create/edit menu and change/update what you want and resubmit. Think of all the keystrokes you'll save!

Of course, meeting and arranging your match is still the same. Find them on Facebook, or e-mail them and initiate a dialog to start the ball rolling!

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