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Online SignUp


Moving to A Different Residence Hall?

To participate in the Between-Hall Online Sign-Up process, you must be able to check yes to all of the following:

Between Hall

I've completed my online housing reapplication between Tuesday, February 11 and Wednesday, Feb 19 at 5:00pm. I've chosen Between Hall on the selection pull-down menu (or chosen it as a back-up plan)


I've paid my housing deposit or visited Housing to obtain a delay of payment by Feb 19 at 5:00pm.


I have formed or joined a Housing Sign-Up Group. See detailed instructions here.


I've read about the Online Housing Room Sign-Up and marked my calendar to participate on the appropriate days.


If you would like to move to a different residence hall (or are currently assigned to a first-year only residence hall e.g., Williamson, Christensen, Alexander, Richardson) you must select the Between-Hall selection process on your online Housing Reapplication. There are two ways in which you can move to a different residence hall.

The first (and most direct!) is to be pulled-in as a roommate by a friend who currently lives in another residence hall. Your friend would participate in his/her In-Hall process and have you as their pull-in.

The second way is to participate in the ONLINE Between-Hall sign-up process on March 3 and/or 4. The order in which rooms are selected is based on assigned priority numbers. Wondering how Priority Numbers are assigned or what to expect during the online Between-Hall Sign-Up process? Visit the our those pages for much more detailed information!

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