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Online SignUp


On-Campus Residence Hall Sign-Up Information

The Housing Sign-Up process is underway for 2014-2015. There's lots of information to digest, and we've tried to make it as easy as possible.

But first,will you be able to answer yes to these two questions?


I've completed my online housing reapplication between Tuesday, February 11 and Wednesday, Feb 19 at 5:00pm. I've chosen either In-Hall or Between Hall on the selection pull-down menu (or chosen them as a back-up plan)


I've paid my housing deposit or visited Housing to inquire about extensions by Feb 19 at 5:00pm.


If so, then select Housing Sign-Upyour category:

I am an residence hall resident and I:





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Looking for Roommates?

RoommatesWhy not post a roommate classified or search through our extensive roommate classifieds? It's easy, it's online and who know you might just find the ultimate new roommates.

Complete a roommate classified using this the credit/edit page on the Housing Blackboard site. When you submit the form, it is automatically sent to our offices for verification of your current assignment and its conformance with University standards of conduct. While we will not edit the classified; we do reserve the right not post your listing if does not meet the standards of conduct required by the University. This process will take less than a day.

You can view your classified, or (at any time) browse through roommate classifieds by logging in to the Housing OnLine web site via Blackboard (select the Webcat/Services tab), choosing the Roommates Classified from the menu, and browsing through the listings.

Your Number

If you picked Between-Hall as your choice on your online housing reapplication (or as your backup if you don't get into the apartments) and you have paid your housing deposit, you have been assigned a priority number. You can find that number on Housing OnLine on Blackboard -- the same place you went to complete your online housing reapplication after you've completed your housing reapplication and paid your housing deposit (and it's been credited to your Webcat account).

A lot of students wonder how to interpret their number. In a nutshell, the lower the number, the earlier you are able to select a space. Students with higher class standing (i.e. Juniors and Seniors) get lower priority numbers than sophomores and first-year students. Priority Numbers are assigned randomly within each class.



Your Choice

After you find out your number (again online), you may decide you'd rather choose a room during the online In-Hall Room Selection process that will be held on Feb 26.  Students sometimes choose to do this when they feel their priority number is high and that the room they want may not be available when it's their time to pick during the process. IMPORTANT: Please remember that you may only participate in one process – if you select a space during the online In-Hall Room Selection Process, you will be ineligible to choose a room during the Online Between-Hall Room Sign-Up.

When Do I Find Out My Sign-Up Time and What's Available?

Beginning on Feb 28, you'll be able to go to Housing Online in Blackboard (Blackboard, Webcat/Services, Housing OnLine, click Continue for Current Residents, then Housing Sign-Up link in the blue menu bar) and find out at WHAT TIME and DATE you may begin selecting your room on March 3 and March 4. Additionally, your group captain will be able to preview a page of what rooms are available.

It is always a good idea to make a list of spaces you would like in different halls – that way when it's your group's turn to login and pick a room during the Online Room Sign-up, you'll have back-up plans if some of your first options are no longer available. Remember it's best to prepare and have plenty of options!  To learn more about each residence hall in advance visit our reshall pages.

How Are Group Numbers Determined?

When you create your housing group ONLINE, the lowest (best) individual's priority number is used to determine your group priority number. That is the number our system uses to determine when you can begin selecting your room. Again, it will be ONLINE so you'll find information quickly.

Got Class During Your Sign-Up Time?

No problem. The person acting as your Group's Captain will pick the space for you. If you are a group of one (that's just you) and you can't select your room during the time scheduled on March 4 or 5, you can designate a proxy to act on your behalf.

What To Expect During Sign-Up

On March 3 or 4, your group captain will login to Blackboard at the applicable time, go to the Housing OnLine site (Webcat/Services tab in Blackboard) and enter the Housing Sign-Up Process. Your group will pick a space from the list of rooms available at that particular time. Once your group has picked the space, you are finished!

It's really that simple! Of course, there's going to be lots and lots of information sent out via e-mail, on the web, on Catvision, on Facebook, in your residence halls and from your RA and Hall Director. So just keep checking back and keep your eyes and ears open so that you'll KNOW what's happening at YOUR Online Room Sign-Up.

Got a Question?

Be sure to check out our FAQs - we've provided answers to almost all the common questions you may have. But don't hesitate to e-mail us if you have any other questions. We also have a "live" chat line and and Facebook page where we can answer questions too! And, of course, our telephone number is (603) 862-2120.

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