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Online SignUp


What's My Number Mean?

Your Sign-Up Number is the individual number assigned to you for the upcoming online Housing Sign-Up process. This number represents ythreeFivesixour standing in the sign-up priority order.

To determine each individual sign-up number, we first look at the earned credits for each student. Earned credits are those on record with the Registrar for classes that you have completed. We then place all students in a pool of other students who are within the same 10-credit range. For example, all students who have between 91-100 earned credits are placed in one pool, students with 101-110 earned credits are placed in another.

Using a computer program, students within the highest earned credit range pool are shuffled and randomly assigned the best (i.e. lowest) sign-up numbers. We then go to the next highest Fivesixthreerange and do the same. We continue this process until all students are assigned a sign-up number.

All residents will be assigned a sign-up number. This means that many numbers will be issued.

If you are looking to sign up for a single room in another hall, you will enter the online betwesixthreeFiveen-hall sign-up process using your sign-up number. When you create a group, the group's sign-up number becomes that of the person with the lowest sign-up number (so if you are part of a group of 2 or more signing up to occupy the same room, suite, or apartment, your entire group will enter the process using the lowest sign-up number in the group). As people leave or join your group, the lowest sign-up numbers will adjust accordingly.

While your sign-up number generally establishes your “place in line,” it cannot be used to determine exactly how many are students will be selecting spaces before you during the online sign-up process. Many students with a sign-up number will choose a room during the In-Hall process or during the Apartment Sign-Up process. Many others will be part of a larger group, all entering the process together to pick just one room or suite. And some may chose not to return to campus next year. Unfortunately it is impossible for any staff member to estimate your chances of getting your preferred building or room type based on your group's sign-up number.

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