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Living @ UNH

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Co-ed living options are available at Woodside, The Gables and Mills Hall. There are no co-ed options in Handler, Peterson or Haaland Halls.

Students wishing to live as a co-ed group in an apartment or suite should keep the following guidelines in mind:

· Groups requesting a co-ed apartment or Mills Hall suite participate in the appropriate sign-up process, following the same general guidelines as single-gendered groups. All group members must meet age or class standing eligibility requirements.

· Co-ed groups must be able to fill the apartment that they are requesting. Partial co-ed groups will not be assigned.

· While the apartments or suites are considered co-ed, the bedrooms within the apartments or suites are not.

· During the sign-up process, all members of the co-ed group must sign an online agreement regarding co-ed living.

· If a person leaves the co-ed living arrangement after being assigned, the remaining residents must identify an eligible and appropriate replacement. If they are not able to do so, Housing may choose to convert the suite/apartment back to a single-gender and relocate those residents who are affected by the change.

The Department of Housing may use its discretion to prohibit or terminate any co-ed living arrangement that it deems unacceptable.

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