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Squatting your ApartmentApartment Kitchen

To squat your apartment, you must be able to check yes to all of the following:


I've completed my online housing reapplication (must be completed prior to participating in the online apartment selection process). I've chosen Apartment on the pull-down menu.


I've paid my housing deposit or visited Housing to obtain a delay of payment (deposit payment window: Feb 11, 8am - Feb 19, 5pm).


I have formed my group online. My group understands that we can only squat the apartment if we have a full group.


I've read about the Online Apartment Housing Sign-Up process and marked my calendar to participate on the appropriate days.


If you are a current apartment resident and you wish to live in your current apartment next year it’s really easy. The first step in the sign-up process is to reapply. If you fail to do that, you cannot participate in the sign-up process, period. The next step is to ensure that your deposit is paid by the deposit deadline of Feb 19 at 5pm. Non-payment of the deposit jeopardizes your entire groups' apartment placement.

Once you’ve applied and paid your deposit, please form your group online.

Your group's specific time to sign up will be available to the Group Captain within 24 hours after forming the group. The group sign-up time is based on the lowest number of any group member. For example, if you have a three person group with the priority numbers: 856, 1042, and 51, the group's priority number will be 51.

Then be sure that your group captain participates at the groups' specified sign-up time to pick your space. Remember that your group (of eligible students) must completely fill the apartment you are trying to squat.

Thursday, Feb 20, 2014 - Apartment Squatting

10:30am - 4:30pm

Current apartment residents and their groups (of eligible students) who want to remain in their current apartment. Remember, to successfully assign a group to an apartment, the group must fill the apartment.


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