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Loft BedsLoft Bed in Congreve

So, you want to build a bed so you can sleep high off the floor.

Well, that's easy to do, just live in one of the residence halls where the bed style allows you to sleep high or low. However, if you don't have that choice and you are planning to build a structure so your bed is high off the floor i.e. a stilt bed or a loft bed, here are a few things for you to remember.

We do suggest that you wait until you arrive to cut and build your loft, as room dimensions and floor plans vary from hall to hall. Also, since college furniture can not be removed from the room you should plan to have the bedsprings included in the design.

You can bring a loft bed to school with you but the bed(s) furnished in the rooms will need to stay. You cannot request furniture to be removed and stored for you.

And finally, you can't sleep with your nose touching the ceiling. For fire safety reasons there must be a minimum clearance of 33" measured from the top of the bed mattress to the ceiling.

Please keep in mind that all residence hall rooms are not identical and that all ceiling heights are not the same. Room measurements and dimensions given on our web pages are approximations only. Wait till you move into your room to determine how high your bed can be placed off the floor or more importantly, is the clearance from the top of the mattress to the ceiling at least 33".

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