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All student rooms and apartments (except Forest Park) are fully furnished. Residence hall furniture includes a desk, chair, dresser, bed and closet for each occupant. Our residence hall rooms also contain recycling baskets and mirrors.

Some of our residence halls have built-in furniture (closets and dressers) which are in fixed locations and cannot be moved. But most of our residence halls do not. Residence hall rooms are not carpeted; they have tile floors (except for the mini-dorms and Hetzel Hall).

Bed styles in each hall (loftable, size, etc) can be found on this page.

We have several different styles of furniture. It is impossible to list what style is in each room. As we upgrade and renovate, we are slowly consolidating our styles. Shown below are some of our standard furniture types.


Furniture Dimensions

Loft/Bunk Beds 88 x 38 x 65
Wood Bunk Beds 86 x 38 x 62
Metal Bunk Beds 85 x 37 x 60
Desks, new style 43 x 24 x 30
Desk carrel 40 x 9 x 23
Desks, old style 42 x 24 x 30
Dresser, new style 30 x 24 x 30
Dresser, old style 31 x 20 x 44
Desk Chair 21 x 23 x 33
Wardrobe 36 x 24 x 70


loft and bunked beds

loft bed

metal frame bunked beds

Desks and Chairs

desks with carrels

desk and dresser without carrel

desk with carrel


older style dresser

stacked modern dressers


wardrobe (used in rooms w/o built-in closets)








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