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Living @ UNH

Getting to KNow you

Whether or not you know the person (or people) you will be rooming with, there are a few things you should probably know about each other before you move in. Although you will have plenty of time to learn their life story, there are a few logistical things you need to discuss.

Here are a few basics items that are helpful to talk about prior to Move In Day:

What are you bringing? For certain items, you might want to discuss sharing. These include:

Any significant health issues that you want your roommate to be aware of?

Are you generally neat or messy? Messy Room

What are your sleeping habits?

How do you like to study?

How do you feel about friends/boyfriends/girlfriends visiting?

What is your stance on borrowing in between roommates?

What is your understanding of UNH’s drug and alcohol policy?

If you’re having a hard time finding things to talk about, here are a few conversation starters:

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