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Rooming With A Friend

You’ve been best friends since you were five years old.  Maybe they’re someone you were friends with, but didn’t know very well in high school.  Or you could have met them during your Orientation session.  Rooming with someone you know can be a lot of fun, but it also comes with a unique set of challenges.  Here are a few tips to remember:

What happened in the past stays in the past.  When you’re sharing a room with one or more of your friends, conflict is College Friendsunavoidable.  You might get upset that your roommate borrows your favorite shirt without asking.   This isn’t the time you should also bring up that time they stole your favorite highlighter your junior year of high school.  You need to let that highlighter (or whatever) go!  Don’t let any past conflicts spoil your roommate experience.

Even though you’re close, you still need to be polite.  If you’re rooming with a friend, chances are that you’re pretty comfortable with that other person.  At some point you’ve probably had a fight or done something totally embarrassing in front of each other.  However, sharing a dorm room is a whole new ball game!  Personalities and personal habits can start to wear on the other persons’ nerves when you’re sharing a room.  Remember to be respectful and polite, even if you’ve known them for years.  And don’t just assume that they’ll be okay with something.  Always ask what they think, from putting up a new poster to inviting mutual friends to spend the night.

Remember that people change.  And you will too!  Remember the qualities that made you want to room with this person (or people) in the first place- they are your friend for a reason!  You should learn to be open to and appreciate the new qualities – and people – that your time at UNH will bring.  Don’t be surprised or hurt if you and your roommate have separate groups of friends.  Just because someone meets new people and wants to spend time with them, it doesn’t mean that they value your friendship any less.  Expanding your social networks is all part of your college adventure!

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