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Security in the residence halls -or- it's More than Just Your ID Card

All residence halls are equipped with an electronic card access system that allows students to gain access to a building by swiping their University ID card through a card reader located at designated exterior doors. It's like swiping an ATM card or a charge card except all you get is access to your res hall!

Your card will grant you entry only into the building where you live. If you have friends stopping by, you will need to greet them at the door so that they can enter the residence hall.

Security Tip!
Don't prop open the doors! Think about it. You wouldn't leave a hotel room unlocked, would you? Be smart and safe, don't prop open entry doors.

You can have a "hotel-type safe" installed in your room through the My Lock Box company if you desire additional security for your personal belongings. Please contact them to register for their service and make arrangements for the installation of a lock box.

If you lose your card you should immediately report the loss of your UNH ID card to the ID Office located in Holloway Commons so that your lost card can be deactivated and a new card issued. In the event that your ID card is lost after business hours, please go the Security Service Desk during the hours of 5:00 pm to 9:00am pm to obtain a loaner card for the night or weekend which will provide you temporary access to your residence hall. You can report your lost ID card by accessing the Dining web site at, or by calling Dining Services at 862-1821 during business hours or 862-CARD after hours. The next business day, a new card can be issued at the ID office in Holloway Commons.

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