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Living @ UNH

Living with a Roommate

After saying hello, take some time out of settling in to talk about your year ahead together. Start by asking questions that will help you learn about one another. Share stories about your hometowns, your families, favorite things you like to do, why you chose to come to UNH, or perhaps the kind of music you like, what sports you enjoy, your favorite movie or the last book you read, for starters!

After you’ve gotten acquainted, it’s good to talk about expectations and set some guidelines for living together. What do you expect to gain from living with a roommate? What can s/he expect from you? Be open about your needs but be willing to listen!

What happens when you’re studying, but your roommate’s hooked his/her computer up to YOUR stereo speakers to play video games? Suffice it to say, you and your roommates won’t see everything the same way. Don’t wait until the problem grows out of proportion to discuss it. Try to be specific about what is upsetting you and why you feel the way you do. Expect that reaching a solution may require some compromise. Don’t strive for an ideal situation, strive for a workable resolution. Be sure to listen to and understand your roommates’ point of view, too.

If you and your roommates are having difficulty reaching a solution on your own, ask your Resident Assistant [RA] or Residence Hall Director [RHD] for assistance.

Here are some questions you might use to explore some issues roommates typically disagree about.

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