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FloorPlans, Dimensions, and Square Footage (Excuse Me, But Is that width times Length?)

So you are wondering how big rooms are, where they are located in the residence hall, and more about the layout....

Well surfing the web to our floorplans page and checking out our dimensions report can answer most of the questions. So you know, while we strive to be perfectly accurate, we aren't there remember, most of the measurements and dimensions are our best estimations.

Floor Plan Links

Go to the FloorPlans web page!

Read the Room Capacity and Dimensions Report (pdf)

Yet Another Good Tip!
If you are buying a carpet for your room, don't cut it until after you move-in and you have a chance to measure. Since some fixture and doors and measurements aren't quite to scale, it's best if you wait until after you arrive to make that final cut!

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