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First Year Fast Find

Living @ UNH

“I Was Nervous About the Space…”

Sarah B - sophomore from Rockland, MA

“At first I was worried about the built-up triple. I was nervous about the space and how being cramped would affect getting along with one another. I was also nervous about cramming three

"I was really home sick the first couple weeks but both my roommates made me feel at home."

girls into a small space when none of us had ever met before. My thoughts were wrong! Living in a built-up triple was fun. We actually had a lot of space. You just have to be creative as to where to put things.

It was nice having someone around all the time and as long as you go in trying to make an effort you'll come out with two great friends. There were times when it would get frustrating just because there was always someone else in the room so getting alone time was difficult. However, if you find a space on campus, which is more than easy, you can go there or go for a walk to clear your head. My room didn't have any problems. We each had a boyfriend at one time or another and had no problems with people staying too late or coming at odd hours.

The best thing about the built-up triple was just making two great friends. We even took the same classes so studying was a breeze and I could always look to them for help. You really do come out of built-ups having great're forced to be close. I was really home sick the first couple weeks but both my roommates made me feel at home. One piece of advice: go in with an open mind because the other two roommates are in the same position as you. If all three of you are willing to make some sacrifices and open up to one another you will make everything work and come out with two of the closest friends you could ask for!”

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