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Activities such as barbecues, community dinners, and local trips are organized and coordinated by the Tenants’ Committee.  The Tenants’ Committee meets twice per month to plan social events and make recommendations about policy to the Housing Office.  This group also consults with the management staff concerning issues that affect the complex.

2013 Forest Park Tenant Committee Elections
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Who Are The Candidates?

Mission Statement

The Forest Park Tenants' Committee has a variety of purposes and goals:

The Forest Park Tenants' Committee serves as a liaison between Forest Park residents and Forest Park management and staff regarding issues and concerns of both residents and management.

The Forest Park Tenants' Committee serves as representatives of and advocates for Forest Park residents and their issues and concerns to the greater University of New Hampshire and Durham communities.

The Forest Park Tenants' Committee appreciates the diversity of our residents and a goal of the Committee is to foster a sense of community among our divergent residents by sponsoring a variety of social and/or educational events.

Ultimately, the Forest Park Tenants' Committee is dedicated to preserving and enhancing the quality of life for Forest Park residents in any appropriate way.



Section 1: Name: This group shall be known as the Forest Park Tenants' Committee.

a) The Committee may empower any individual or group to act on its behalf up to but not including voting rights.

b) The committee members may solicit members of the community for assistance with special projects, sub-committees, and social events and may recruit candidates for future committee membership.

Section 2: Fiscal year: The term of the Committee will begin in October and end in October of the following year.

Section 3: Duration: The period of duration for which the Committee is organized is perpetual.


Section 1: Eligibility for Membership:

a) The members of the Committee shall be valid residents of Forest Park.

b) It is recommended that prospective members attend at least one meeting of the Committee prior to elections.

c) The Committee shall consist of five (5) members, preferably from separate households.

Section 2: Elections:

a) Elections will be held in October on an annual basis.

b) Voting will be open to all valid, adult Forest Park residents from October 1 through October 15.

c) Members of the Committee are elected for one year and may stand for re-election.

d) In case of a tie, a two-day run-off election will be held.

Section 3: Vacancies: Interim vacancies shall be filled by appointment from the Committee until the next open election.

Section 4: Removal of Membership:

a) This is a participatory committee. Members absent for more than three (3) meetings per semester will be subject to removal from the Committee.

b) Additional guidelines for the removal of members will be detailed by the Committee and added as amendments to this document as needed.

Section 5: Meeting of the Membership:

a) Meetings shall be held bimonthly during the academic year and once a
month during the summer for a period of one hour, or as decided by
consensus of the committee.

b) A quorum for general business meetings will be three (3) members.

Section 6: Duties of the Committee:

a) The Committee is obligated to improve the quality of life in Forest Park and to serve as an advocate for tenants' issues.

b) Educational and social activities will be organized and implemented by the Committee.

c) The Committee will communicate with Forest Park residents regarding current issues and concerns of the neighborhood.

d) The Committee is obligated to annually review and monitor the Forest Park budget.

e) Members of the Committee may be asked to assist in the selection of the 'Forest Park Property Manager.'


Section 1: Number: The Officers of the Committee shall be the Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, International Students' Office Liaison, and New Resident Advocate.

a) The Chairperson is responsible for calling meetings to order, announcing business to be transacted, and preserving the orderly conduct of the meeting.

b) The Secretary will keep minutes of all meetings and handle correspondence and records.

c) The Treasurer shall manage all Committee funds and report to the Committee.

d) I.S.O. Liaison Officer will coordinate I.S.O. activities with the affected Forest Park populace.

e) The New Resident Advocate will personally greet new tenants and supply information regarding the Forest Park Tenants' Committee.

Section 2: Selection and Term:

a) Offices shall be elected by and from the membership.

b) All offices of the Committee shall be elected during the Committee's annual term.


Section 1: The Forest Park Tenants' Committee is funded on an annual basis from Fund 1AQHOU, Program UQHFOR120, Object Code 71172.

Section 2: Additionally, the Forest Park Tenants' Committee receives the revenue from the rental of the vacuum cleaner and VCR in the Forest Park Office.


Section 1: These By-Laws may be amended at any regularly scheduled general meeting of the Committee or by special meeting of the membership provided that notice of said meeting states that amendments will be considered.

Section 2: Voting: Amendments to these By-Laws may be passed on a 3/5 vote of the Committee members.

Revised January 2002

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