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Director of Housing - Kathy Irla-chesney
10 Academic Way
Directs overall operation of housing, including assignments, accounting, plant management, summer operations, and conferences.

Administrative Assistant to Director - Christine Brockmann
10 Academic Way
Phone: 603-862-2409
Provides administrative support to Director of Housing

Information Technologist III - Blaise Masse
10 Academic Way
Phone: 603-862-2120
Provides computer services to the department as well as acts as a liaison to other departments.

Assistant Director of Housing - Assignments and Occupancy- Amy Whitney
10 Academic Way
Phone: 603-862-3402
Responsible for oversight and long-term administration of the Housing Assignments area. Responsible academic year housing occupancy to include the first-year and returning student housing process, establishment of optimum occupancy, trends in occupancy management, complex occupancy issues. Supervises staff in the assignments area.

Housing Assignment Coordinator - Jody Hicking
10 Academic Way
Phone: 603-862-3408
Responsible for assigning students to beds, billing students and handling accounts and student rooming concerns for the residence halls.

Housing Assignment Coordinator - Sarah Taylor
10 Academic Way
Phone: 603-862-1754
Responsible for assigning students to beds, billing students and handling accounts and student rooming concerns for the on-campus apartments and graduate residence hall housing.

Housing Assignment Information Technologist - Christina Rowland
10 Academic Way
Phone: 603-862-3469
Responsible for maintaining the Department of Housing's web site, on-line databases, and current computer configurations. Manages operation of Channel 3, UNH's Catvision Information Station. Oversees marketing operations.

Housing Assignments Front Desk Support - Ruth McQuade
Phone: 603-862-2120
Responsible for welcoming students and parents and assisting them with their questions and concerns. Supervises Key Desk Student Staff.

Assistant Director, Housing Facilities and Operations- Michel Williams
10 Academic Way
Phone: 603-862-2122
Responsible for overseeing facility needs of all on-campus residence facilities. Provides leadership and direction to HF&O Staff and long range planning for residence hall improvements.

Senior Housing Operations Manager - Bill Meehan
10 Academic Way
Phone: (603) 862-3477
Manager overseeing on campus apartment Housing facilities. Oversees day-to-day operations in the residence halls.

Manager - Housing Facilities and Operations - Stephen Luber
10 Academic Way
Phone: 603-862-1889
Manager overseeing Area 1 Housing facilities and Housing Student Fire Safety Inspection program. Manages and documents all housing furniture procurements.

Housing Facilities Project Manager - Sean Winston
10 Academic Way
Phone: 603-862-8140
Project manager for repair and renovation projects in the halls and apartments. Manager overseeing Area 2 Housing facilities and student paint crew.

Manager, Housing Facilities: Repairs and Furniture - Dwain Lozier
10 Academic Way
Phone: 603-862-3427
Manager overseeing Area 3 Housing facilities.  Manage repairs performed by student repair crews and furnishings program. Manages and coordinates Residential Energy and Sustainability Programs.

Senior Program Support Assistant - Carol Knox
10 Academic Way
PHone: 603-862-2122
Responsible for programming and maintaining residence hall key/combination records and access card system.

UNH On-Campus Apartments Administrative Assistant III - Mary Smith
Phone: 603-862-2798
Administers all aspects of office operations at the Gables. Provides support for Housing facilities oncampus apartment operations.

Supervisor, Housing Facilities: On-Campus Apartments Housekeeping and Grounds - Cheryl Berry
The Gables
Phone: (603) 862-2083
Supervises all housekeeping, grounds, and student work crews involving the on-campus apartments. Supervises the housing service worker staff.

The Gables Housing Maintenance Service Workers - Brent Finethy, Lynn Rousselle, Donald Ross
Phone: 603-862-2798
Responsible for apartment complex housekeeping and grounds.

Woodside Housing Maintenance Service Worker - Skip Harrington
Phone: 603-862-1779
Responsible for apartment complex housekeeping and grounds.

Forest Park Housing Maintenance Service Worker - JR Whitten
Phone: 603-862-2798
Responsible for apartment complex housekeeping and grounds.

Housing Communications Systems Manager - Shawn Kretchmar
10 Academic Way
Phone: 603-862-1904
Responsible for electronics communication systems including cable television and card access

Housing Communications Systems Information Technologist - Bruce Chamberlin and Chandler Hull
10 Academic Way,
Phone: 603-862-3084
Provides technical services and support for Housing Communication Systems.

General Maintenance Mechanics for Laundry Services- David Giberson
Williamson Hall, Room G11
Phone: 603-862-2082
Responsible for servicing laundry room equipment.

Assistant Director - Apartments/Summer Conferences - Michael Saputo
10 Academic Way
Phone: 603-862-1007
Overall responsibilities for overseeing all on-campus apartment housing and their related issues. Also responsible for Forest Park Family Housing and graduate housing at Babcock Hall. Responsible for Summer Conference Housing operation.

Apartments/Summer Conferences Administrative Assistant - Cheryl Mitchell
10 Academic Way
Phone: 603-862-2387
Responsible for coordinating all Forest Park Apartments move-in/outs and billing. Provides administrative assistance to Assistant Director for Apartments/Summer Conferences.

Woodside Apartment Manager - Lupita Villalobos
Phone: 603-862-2407
Responsible for day to day staffing operations of the Gables/Woodside undergraduate apartment complexes.

The Gables Complex Manager - Victoria Wilson
Phone: 603-862-1682
Responsible for the staffing and student programming of a 1000-student apartment complex. Additionally supervises all part-time Apartment Complex Assistants.

The Gables Apartment Manager - Donna Han
Phone: 603-862-4416
Responsible for the staffing and student programming of a 1000-student apartment complex. Additionally supervises all part-time Apartment Complex Assistants.

Babcock Hall Manager - Karen Terletzky
Phone: 603-862-1340
Responsible for the programming and staffing of UNH's graduate Babcock Hall.

Adams Tower West Hall Manager - Stephen Rivard
Phone: 603-862-0338
Resonsible for the programming and staffing of Adams Tower West residence hall.



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