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Q. How do I get HD channels?

A. First of all you need to have the right equipment.  HD signals at UNH are being broadcast as “Clear QAM Digital.”  To receive these signals, your TV needs to have a clear QAM digital tuner.  Your TV manual may indicate this by stating that your TV is “digital cable ready” or “with ATSC/QAM Tuner.”  Your TV will not receive UNH’s HD channels if your TV’s HD tuner is listed as “over the air HD ready.”  You will probably need to refer to your TV’s manual to determine if it is compatible with UNH’s HD signal (clear QAM digital).  If your TV is HD ready but does not have the Clear QAM digital tuner, you may be able to purchase a separate HD receiver that will work with your TV.  Again, you will need to ensure whatever equipment you have or purchase is able to receive a clear QAM digital signal.
Once you have the right equipment, the next step is tuning in the HD channels.  The procedure for setting up your TV to recognize the new signals will be different based on your manufacturer and TV model. Please refer to your TV’s manual for instructions. In general the procedure is as follows:
1. Access your TV’s menu
2. Go into setup options
3. Look for the option to automatically scan for all channels be sure the tuner is set to scan for CABLE TV or CABLE input—not antenna)
4. Run the scan.  The scan may take a few minutes as the TV looks for all available signals. As long as you have the right type of tuner and have selected the correct input source, the TV should now recognize the new digital and HD signals. You can then tune to the channels just like any other channel. Remember the specific procedure may vary by TV manufacturer and model. You may have to refer to your TV’s instruction manual.

Q. I only get channels 2-13

A. This is a very common complaint the first time that you hook up your TV. Nine times out of ten, this problem is due to incorrect programming of the TV.
If the TV is not set up for a CABLE signal, you will only get channels 2-13. This is because, using a TV antenna, you automatically receive broadcast VHF channels on channels 2-13 (and UHF channels above 13, which is why you may also be receiving channel 17, 57, etc.). The TV thinks that you are using an antenna. So if you only see the first 13 channels, this does not mean that your cable is not working. On the contrary--it proves that the cable IS working. If you can get the first 13 channels, then that proves there are no broken wires or damaged equipment between UNH cable and your room. Your cable has already been activated before you even move into your room. So, if you are only getting channels 2-13, you definitely have a programming problem with your television.
We understand that your TV probably worked great last year or at home, but you have to set it up from square one when you move in to UNH again. Many times when you unplug a cable-ready TV, the memory settings are lost, and you have to start over. Therefore, you will need to program your set from the beginning (Programming the TV set).

Q. I only get channels 2-26!

A. This probably means that, although your TV set is cable-ready, it is one of the earlier cable-ready TV sets. It is cable-ready, but only up to 36 channels (or some other arbitrary number of channels). Unfortunately, there's nothing we can do for your TV. This is a limitation of the TV set itself, and unless you have another TV or a cable-ready VCR, you're stuck with it.
Your only options are:
buy a cable-ready VCR (recommended); or
buy a converter box; or
buy a new TV.

Q. I am getting all the channels but the lower channels are a lot fuzzier than the higher ones!

A. If you have followed the instructions in our Set-Up Guide and you are still experiencing this problem, make sure that the coaxial cable you are using is of good quality and is securely connected. You may want to swap out your cable with a neighbor’s cable to see if the receptions improves. If this does not help solve your problem, then you should contact the UNH Catvision office (862-2253) or you can fill out am Online Repair Form. A technician may need to do an on-site visit.

Q. I am getting no signal at all?

A. If after following the instructions in our Set-Up Guide, there is still no signal, there may be a problem with your outlet. To report the problem to our office (862-2253) or fill out the Online Repair Form

Q. I lost the remote control to my TV or VCR, and now I am having problems programming it. What should I do?

A.  Some TVs and VCRs require the original remote control to access the on-screen programming features that are used to put it in CABLE mode. While you can purchase a universal programmable replacement, there is the possibility that it may not allow you to access the unit's special programming features. If you need to replace your original remote control, first consult your owner's manual and, if necessary, call the manufacturer to order a replacement remote control. The UNH Catvision does not sell or give out remote controls.

Q. I still need assistance!

A. If you have gone through the steps in this FAQ, and you are still having problems, fill out a Repair Request, or contact the Catvision Office at 862-2253, or send us an e-mail at


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