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Collections Management Policies

Accession & De-accession Policy

Researchers wishing to donate specimens must contact the Collections Manager or appropriate Curator. Desirable specimens include those that will strengthen holdings in areas of current or projected research or survey work, broaden representation of northeastern North American taxa, enhance the taxonomic or geographic strength of the current collection, or stimulate education at UNH. Research vouchers are encouraged. We request that all donations be accompanied by a digital file that can be used for databasing purposes; please contact the Collections Manager for details. All donated specimens become the property of the Hodgdon Herbarium and will be used for educational or research purposes as the Curators deem appropriate.

Specimens will be retained in the collection as long as they continue to be relevant to the goals of teaching and research at the University of New Hampshire. Specimens may be removed from the permanent collection if they provide a beneficial exchange with other scientific institutions, it is deemed they have little or no scientific or cultural value within the collection, they have deteriorated beyond usefulness, or they present a hazard to health or safety. Specimens may be de-accessioned at the discretion of the Curators and/or Collections Manager by gift, exchange, transfer to a different part of the collection, or disposal.

Visitor Policy

The Hodgdon Herbarium welcomes visiting scientists from other colleges and universities and federal, state, and private agencies. Those wishing to conduct research in the herbarium must adhere to the following.

Loan Policy

Loan requests will be considered only from recognized botanical institutions. While on loan, it is expected that the specimens will be handled according to standard herbarium procedures and stored in airtight, metal cabinets with proper insect control protocols.

Destructive Sampling Policy

The judicious dissection of specimens is normally permitted for research purposes. Permanent removal of material from specimen sheets must be approved by the Collections Manager or Curator, and decisions are made on a case-by-case basis. All destructive sampling must adhere to the following guidelines.

Digital Collections Policy

The digital herbarium collections are logically a representation of the physical collections and therefore are the property of the Hodgdon Herbarium at the University of New Hampshire. As such, dissemination and use of the digital collections are at the discretion of the Curators and Collections Manager, following the policies and guidelines outlined above.