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The Sumner Pike Library

The value and effectiveness of the Herbarium as a center of botanical activity is greatly enhanced by the supportive arm of its associated library. The strength of the library’s holdings is largely due to the generous financial support of the late Sumner T. Pike. Sumner was very interested in the botanical endeavors of Albion Hodgdon and Radford Pike in the Bay of Fundy, and was especially aware of the value of botanical literature to research efforts. The Sumner Pike Library was dedicated on May 5, 1978. It houses approximately 1500 volumes of botanical references including a worldwide representation of flora and manuals, taxonomic monographs, taxonomic indices, and general references on systematics, phytogeography, ecology, botanical history, horticulture, and wildflowers. Journals and reprints of taxonomic literature are also on file in the library, as are a number of unpublished manuscripts dealing with plants of New Hampshire and Maine.