Garrett Crow, Curator Emeritus

Garrett E. Crow (b. 1942)

Curator Emeritus


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Garrett Crow joined the faculty of the Department of Botany and Plant Pathology at University of New Hampshire in 1975 after completing his Ph.D. at Michigan State University under the direction of John Beaman. In his 33 years as Director of the Herbarium, the collections grew dramatically in size and scope. While at UNH, Garrett’s research included systematic studies, floristic treatments, phytogeographic analyses, and descriptive accounts of rare and endangered species in New Hampshire. He and his many graduate students have made significant contributions to plant systematics and floristics, as well as adding specimens to the herbarium.

In the late 1970s and 1980s there was a strong effort on rare and endangered species, resulting in the publication of the first comprehensive list for New Hampshire (Storks and Crow 1978), and working in collaboration with colleagues through the New England Botanical Club produced the first list of rare plants for the New England region (Crow et al. 1981) as well as the book New England's Rare, Threatened, and Endangered Plants (Crow 1982).

His main interests are biodiversity and phytogeography in the broad sense and is a specialist on aquatic plants of both temperate and tropics regions. He has co-authored (with C. Barre Hellquist) a series of publications in the 1980s—Aquatic vascular plants of New England—a project which lead to the production of a 2-volume reference manual, Aquatic and Wetland Plants of Northeastern North America. He has been working in Costa Rica since 1984 on tropical aquatic plants and during a Fulbright Fellowship 1999-2000 at Universidad Nacional and Instituto Nacional Biodiversidad (INBio) taught a course, Plantas acuáticus tropicales, and completed a bilingual field guide (with keys, descriptions and color plates) Plantas acuáticas del Parque Nacional Palo Verde y el valle del río Tempisque, Costa Rica (Crow 2002). Additionally he has contributed the taxonomic treatments of numerous aquatic families for the Manual de Plantas de Costa Rica. For a complete list of Garrett's published works click here.

Garrett served at department chairperson for the Department of Plant Biology from January 2001 until he retired in May 2008. He continues an active research program in systematics and floristics of aquatic plants. Currently, he is completing work on the Aquatic Plants of Costa Rica, as well as the treatment of the Lentibulariaceae (Bladderworts and Butterworts) for Flora of North America North of Mexico.