I am Healthy UNH!

How do you make a Healthy UNH? Tell us about it.

We have stories to share about people in our campus community, who choose to make decisions that impact their health in a positive way. For more information about how to share your story, contact healthy.unh@unh.edu.


Rob Aquilina

Educational Counselor/Tutor Coordinator
Center for Academic Resources (CFAR)

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Rhiannon Beauregard

Program Coordinator, 4-H Animal and Agricultural Science
UNH Cooperative Extension

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Bentley Bonnell

Lead Personal Trainer
Campus Recreation

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Anne Broussard

Associate Professor and Department Chair
Social Work

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John Bunker

Director of External Relations
College of Health and Human Services Years

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Wild E. Cat

UNH Co-Mascot

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Lisa Corman

Registered Dietitian
UNH Dietetic Internship

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Kate Crary

Program Manager
Institute for Health Policy and Practice

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Laura Davie

Project Director
NH Institute for Health Policy and Practice

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Mike Ferrara

College of Health and Human Services

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Angela Flanagan

Information Technologist
Research Computing Center

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Sharon Flanagan

Employment Coordinator
Human Resources

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Marc Flore

Senior Data Analyst
Institute for Health Policy and Practice

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Eve Fralick

Project Director
Institute for Health Policy & Practice

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Ken Fuld

College of Liberal Arts

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Barry Glunt

Business Applications Developer
Enterprise Computing Group

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Jim Graham

Manager, Leadership Communications
Communications and Public Affairs

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Jennifer Hammond

Information Technologist
UNH Information Technology

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Nikki Hentz

Interlibrary Loan Assistant
Dimond Library Interlibrary Loan

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Shawn Herrick

Sr. GIS Analyst
Facilities / Campus Planning

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Holly Hillsgrove

Administrative Assistant
IT Academic Technology

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Nilda Janelle

Senior Business Services Assistant
Business Services

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Allison Jean

Accreditation and Compliance Manager/Dispatcher
UNH Police Department

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Laura Jeffords

Admin III
Thompson School of Applied Science

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Scott Kitterman

Network Administrator
IT Network Operations

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Sinthy Kounlasa

Administrative Assistant III
Accounting/Finance and Decision Sciences

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Rochelle L'Italien

Registered Dietitian
UNH Dining

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Courtney Marshall

Assistant Professor
English and Women’s Studies

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David May

Associate VP
Office of Business Affairs

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Hannah McQuilkin

Graduate Student and Leader/ Staff
Marriage & Family Therapy and Outdoor Adventures

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Bruno Pape

Information Technologist

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Sarah Proctor

Program Director of Veterinary Technology
Veterinary Technology at the Thompson School

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Amber Radzevich

Associate Athletic Director for Marketing & Communications

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Joanne Samuels

Assistant Professor

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Olivia Saunders

Field Specialist in Food & Agriculture
UNH Cooperative Extension

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Amy Schwartz

Director, Health Care Cost Containment
Finance and Administration

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Sarah Stinson

Library Services Assistant – Boston Library Consortium Expert
Dimond Library, Interlibrary Loan

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Bill Stratton

Adjunct Instructor

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Steven Troy

Resident Assistant

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Brenda Whitmore

Facilities Project Management

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Abbott Willard

Data Analyst
Institute for Health Policy and Practice

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Danielle Blanchette

Former Nutrition Major

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Julia Camacho

Former Student, AFROTC Cadet
Air Force ROTC

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Gabby Chesney

Former Student and Healthy UNH Intern

Read more about Gabby

Megan Donohue

Alumni, Track Coach, Minister

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Mac McNaughton

American Airline Pilot

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Haeley Stewart

Former Healthy UNH Intern
Institute for Health Policy & Practice

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Ashley Wood

Office Aid, Life Guard, Swim instructor, Personal Trainer
Campus Recreation, Aquatics

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Chao Yang

Former Graduate Student
Recreation Management and Policy

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Celena Zucco

Former Student - 2014 Graduate
Recreation Management and Policy – Therapeutic Recreation Option

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Leah Burke

Institute for Health Policy and Practice

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Haley Goodson

College of Liberal Arts

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Tess Letarte

Kinesiology: Pedagogy

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Kelsey MacDonald

Student and RA in Hubbard
Nutrition and EcoGastronomy

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Kelly Moynihan


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Amy Parker

Work Study at Business Services
College of Life Sciences and Agriculture

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Jerica Rich

Former RA in Gibbs Hall

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Molly Wienberg

Student and RA in the Upper Quad

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Extended UNH Family




Maureen Miller

Business Manager II
Carsey Institute

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