Health Measurement


Healthy UNH has developed an online measurement tool to establish baseline metrics of health status and track our progress towards becoming the healthiest campus community in the country by 2020. This tool enables users to view health metrics on several health topics, aligned with Healthy People 2020 topic areas. It provides measures for faculty/staff and student populations, with comparator benchmarks from Healthy People 2020 when possible. The measurement plan was developed by the Healthy UNH Measurement Subcommittee. It helps identify opportunities for improvement and gives Healthy UNH a clearer understanding of the current status of the health of the employee and student populations, and provides a way to look at trends of how health is changing.

The Measurement Subommittee is comprised of experts from various fields across campus. Together this group offered their expertise about the measurement tools relating to health and prioritized the list of measures to create a list of metrics that represent a well-rounded, picture of health for UNH.

Healthy UNH Measurement Sub-Committee Members:

Anthony Tagliaferro, Professor, and Director of Center for Health Enhancement

Dain LaRoche, Assistant Professor, Exercise Science

Dennis Byrne, Director, Campus Recreation

El Farrell, Program Coordinator, Sustainability Academy

Gale Carey, Professor, Department of Molecular, Cellular, & Biomedical Sciences

Jesse Morrell, Lecturer, Department of Molecular, Cellular, & Biomedical Sciences

Jo Porter, Deputy Director, NH Institute for Health Policy and Practice

Joanne Burke, Clinical Assistant Professor,  Department of Molecular, Cellular, & Biomedical Sciences

Kathleen Grace Bishop, Director of Education and Promotion, Health Services

Rochelle L'Italien, Registered Dietitian, Dining Services

Stacey Gabriel, Research Associate, NH Institute for Health Policy and Practice

Participants are able to browse the sources of data included in the measurement tool. Click here to view data sources.

National and local surveys used as comparators:

Healthy People 2020
HIV/AIDS Surveillance System
Local Health Risk Prevalence Data
Monitoring the Future Survey
National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey
National Health Interview Survey
National Survey of Family Growth
National Survey on Drug Use and Health
New Hampshire Health Data Inventory
New Hampshire Health Web Reporting and Query System
Public Health Regions Profile
Sexually Transmitted Disease Surveillance System
State Health Report
Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System

Future Plans and Resources:

Each year Healthy UNH will gather the most current measures for the metrics. In the measurement plan, once there are multiple years worth of data, Healthy UNH will add trend information.

Healthy UNH Measurement Tool