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Build a Better Breakfast

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Gabby Chesney
Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Breakfast is one of my favorite parts of each morning. It’s the first meal of the day and there are so many delicious choices available. While I love eating an extravagant breakfast every now and then, I am always on the lookout for healthy breakfast options that taste good and will fuel me through the day. Breakfast is an important meal because not only does it get your metabolism moving, it also is what fuels you through a good portion of the day until lunch! An article released by the Huffington Post shared some tips on how to create a healthier breakfast. I have written about a few of my favorites below:

Eat It

Eat breakfast every day. This first tip may sound simple, but according to an article released by the Huffington Post approximately 56% of Americans skip breakfast. According to Registered Dietitian Kerri Glassman, “When you eat breakfast, you’re literally breaking the fast, which kicks your metabolism into gear”. So wake up a few minutes early, grab a bite and prepare yourself to have a much better day because of it. 

Sneak in Omega 3’s

Omega-3’s are an important part of everybody’s diet and can help improve mood and reduce inflammation. Breakfast is a perfect time to sneak some omega-3’s in! A simple way to get some omega-3’s is to eat eggs that are fortified with DHA. For anybody eating at UNH’s dining halls this is simple since the eggs served at UNH are local, cage-free, omega-3 eggs! If eggs aren’t your cup of tea you can also add certain seeds and nuts to your diet. One great example is flaxseed oil. Try adding it to your yogurt or oatmeal to pack in some extra omega-3’s. 

Keep it Real

It can be tempting to sweeten coffee or tea with artificial sweeteners in order to cut calories. While this might seem like a good idea, it can actually increase your cravings for sweets throughout the day. Try adding a little regular sugar in order to increase the flavor without increasing your cravings!

So tomorrow morning when you wake up, start your day right with a delicious and nutritious breakfast. Your body will thank you!

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