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Where can we go for health knowledge?

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Healthy UNH
Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Photo: Courtesy of Health Services

Chocolate is the heart's best medicine? Dark not milk. Eat it everyday but don’t go overboard. Organic or not?

Sound familiar? These all too often restrictions we put on our chocolate consumption can get confusing. Some experts claim that certain types of chocolate can reduce our risk of heart disease but how much are we supposed to be eating? How can we be sure it won’t offset our fitness and diet regiment?

Luckily, SPIN has come to the rescue. SPIN, also known as Students Promoting Information on Nutrition, is a club here on campus “designed to provide nutrition education to enhance the well-being of UNH students.” SPIN holds many events during the school year. Recently in October, SPIN had a table set up in the Whittemore Center Lobby to address how to take care of our hearts and discuss the benefits of eating certain foods; including chocolate! SPIN also teaches students how to take a healthier look at food and how it relates their bodies. They have workshops on how to make healthy choices in your life, like navigating the dining halls and grocery stores. Visit the SPIN website to learn more about upcoming events or to request a workshop! 

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