Healthy UNH Blogger: Heather DeMello

Home Town: Newmarket, NH

Major: Occupational Therapy (MS) Graduation Year: 2015

What do you do to make a Healthy UNH?

In the occupational therapy program I am learning how to help individuals engage in meaningful every day activities following a traumatic health event. I also live a pretty active lifestyle on campus.I work out at the Whit regularly and lead the hip hop and step team on campus, Sisters in Step.

Favorite Food: Mexican; who doesn’t love guacamole!

Favorite Movie: Anchorman

Favorite Book: Proof of Heaven

What place in the world do you most want to visit? Europe, but particularly Greece and Croatia

Favorite Dining Hall:

As a vegetarian it can be difficult to find healthy balanced meals, but I never find myself leaving Stillings hungry!There is always a wide selection of vegetarian options offered at the vegan station every day.The open design of the dining hall also creates a more relaxed environment to eat and catch up with friends after a busy day of classes.

What do you love about UNH?

I grew up in a small town, so I chose UNH because has a beautiful campus with endless opportunities to meet new people.UNH is a large school with about 12,000 undergraduate students, which is one of my favorite things about it.The campus is always lively with things to do and people to see.I also love that UNH is located on the seacoast.We are close enough to enjoy both the beaches and the mountains!

As a Healthy UNH Intern, What are you most excited about?

I am most excited about having the opportunity to reach out to students who may be experiencing physical or mental health issues.As an occupational therapy student I hope to bring new perspectives and promote others to live a healthy lifestyle on campus!

Breakfast Blends with a Boost

Monday, September 8, 2014
By: Heather DeMello

Busy lifestyles have recently caused breakfast to become more of an afterthought than a priority. Does grabbing a banana while heading out the door sound all too familiar? As much as we would love to sit down to an omelet and cappuccino before work, most of us don’t have the time to get our healthy eating on. Well, time is no longer an excuse for skipping the most important meal of the day. Smoothies packed with nutrient rich fruits and vegetables are a great way to jumpstart your day!

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Workplace Health and Safety: What are the costs?

Monday, July 14, 2014
By: Heather DeMello

Similar to medical treatment expenses, Workers Compensation costs are rapidly increasing. The majority of costs are spent on occupational musculoskeletal disorders each year.

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UNH Disability Services for Students (DSS)

Wednesday, July 9, 2014
By: Heather DeMello
The number of high school students with disabilities who plan on continuing their education in college is increasing.
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Boost your Brain Health

Monday, June 30, 2014
By: Heather DeMello

Nutritionists and doctors have long emphasized the benefits of a low-fat diet, but not all fats are bad for your health! More than just the amount of fat, the types of fat that one consumes is what really matters. There are “good” fats, such as Omega-3 fatty acids which play a crucial role in cognitive function, as well as normal growth and development. Omega-3 fats aid in the prevention of heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, inflammatory diseases and cancer.

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Workplace Health and Safety: What are the costs?

Monday, June 16, 2014
By: Heather DeMello

Similar to medical treatment expenses, Workers Compensation costs are rapidly increasing. The majority of costs are spent on occupational musculoskeletal disorders each year. Daily work tasks that involve reaching and lifting, bending, sitting, pushing/pulling, keyboarding, using tools, operating machinery are often performed incorrectly. The stress of improper lifting and sitting techniques accumulates over time and wears the body down. Workplace injuries and illnesses have a major impact on employer costs.

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Medical shopping and Rising Health costs

Monday, April 21, 2014
By: Heather DeMello

Excessive medical procedures can be hazardous to your health—and your wallet. Making medical decisions without even considering cost has contributed to skyrocketing health care spending and waste. What’s most astounding is that doctors often aren’t aware of the price of the procedures they recommend.  For example, a $15.44 blood test is able to check a person’s electrolyte levels, blood sugar, kidney and liver function, but there is a considerably cheaper option available.

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UNH: Being Healthy From the Start!

Monday, April 7, 2014
By: Heather DeMello

Today marks the start of National Public Health Week, and the American Public Health Association is launching their annual event with a day to emphasize the importance of “Being Healthy from the Start”. The APHA reports that public health begins at home. It is imperative for families and other members of the community to address health and development beginning at an early age.

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Calcium: Bone up for Health

Friday, April 4, 2014
By: Heather DeMello

Campaigns pushing milk rich in calcium as the answer to strong bones are notorious. But does the saying “got milk?” really translate into “got strong bones?” There is in fact an important message behind the infamous milk mustache. Calcium is a mineral that is not only important for the body’s nervous and cardiovascular systems, but is vital to our bone health. Approximately ninety nine percent of the body’s calcium reserve is stored in our bones and teeth to support their structure and function.

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Shop Healthy for You and Your Wallet

Monday, March 31, 2014
By: Heather DeMello

A weekly trip to the grocery store can sometimes turn into a battle with your wallet when shopping on a tight budget.  It is often easier to choose off the shelf or frozen food items which require minimal preparation but typically do not have much nutritional benefit.  It is important to fuel our bodies with the nutrients provided by a well-balanced diet to enable us to keep up with the demands of everyday life.  If Easy Mac with a side of Ramen Noodles has become a familiar meal, then it might be time to expand your grocery list.

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UNH Sisters in Step

Friday, March 21, 2014
By: Heather DeMello

You may have seen the sisters of SIS performing at local events, such as UNH homecoming, Relay for Life and Apple Harvest Festival in Dover.For those of you aren’t familiar, Sisters in step is UNH’s premiere all female hip hop and step team.Formed over a decade ago, SIS is a student run organization consisting of twenty girls who share the goal of promoting sisterhood and unity through step.Step dancing is general term used to describe any form of dancing where the emphasis lies in the footwork.A lot of people tend to automatically envision the traditional Irish step dance, when they hear t

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