Toss It Or Save It?

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


For my junior year, I decided to make the move to an off campus apartment instead of staying in the dorms. Other than having my own bedroom, the biggest perk is that I have a full kitchen now. No more two foot mini-fridge and nonexistent freezer. The transition from having a meal plan to cooking for yourself can be challenging, but it is certainly fun to learn how to cook. However there are some downsides as well, like the fruit flies that seem to never go away or last week's dinner rotting in your fridge.

Luckily, Women's Health Magazine put together an expired food guide to help know when to toss old food or keep it. They found that in most cases you can keep food long after the expiration dates, which for college students on a budget, is super helpful. In this guide they have everything from when to toss your apples to how long that jar of pickles is safe in the fridge. For example, produce such as lettuce and broccoli is good for about five days after expiration.  Other foods such as canned or packaged food last much longer. For example, jellies and jams can survive and extra year past expiration.  It also important to use common sense when trying to preserve your food as well. As long as your handle your food properly, it can last much longer. For more tips on how long to keep your food, check out the article in Women's Health Magazine!