Nature's Candy

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Photo: Courtesy of Ambro

Exams are fast approaching for many of us and because of that fact, we may not be getting to the gym as much as we would like to. Will missing a couple sessions at the gym hurt your overall health? Not a chance. However, why not help the body out during those long study sessions and instead of chowing down a bag of chips, or eating up a candy bar, have some fantastic tasting fruits!

The Choose My Plate website states that fruits are low calorie, low sodium and have no cholesterol, which makes them an awesome alternative snack option throughout the day. Here are some tips for making fruits a more prominent part of your day. Remember, the easier the action, the more likely it is become a habit.

  •  Convenience is Key (i.e. have them out on your desk or in your mini fridge)
  •  Make them Tasty (i.e. check the freshness & purchase fruits in season)
  •  Keep them Exciting (i.e. try new fruits, enjoy a variety of fruits, etc.)

For me, eating fruit that is in season is what makes all the difference. Being that it is fall, I am looking out especially for Grapes, Pears, Sugar Apples and Cranberries. Grapes and Cranberries are bite size so they can easily be popped into the mouth while typing away at the computer. Apples and Pears are easy to pack in your book bag and can be eaten with one hand while the other one holds the book being read.

Fruits my friends, they are nature’s candy!