Fat Talk Free Week: A Success Among UNH Students

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Photo: Courtesy of Delta Delta Delta

Have you noticed the table at the MUB promoting Fat Talk Free Week? How about the shirts around campus reading, “Friends Don’t Let Friends Fat Talk”? Have you been wondering what all the hoopla is over ‘fat talk’? If so, you’ve come to the right place to learn!

Fat Talk Free Week was established by Delta Delta Delta to raise awareness of the dangers of ‘fat talk’ and the impact it has on self-esteem and confidence levels of women throughout the world.  “Does my butt look fat in these jeans?” “I need to lose a few pounds.” “You look great, have you lost weight?” These are all examples of ‘fat talk’ that reinforce the thin ideal and contribute to body dissatisfaction. In stating these ‘fat talk’ phrases we, in a way, are judging ourselves and putting ourselves down. The goal of Fat Talk Free Week is to stop people, primarily women, from using these phrases in order to focus more on health and less on the thin ideal.

Today, more than 10 million women are battling eating disorders in our country, primarily due to the thin ideal put forth by society. In utilizing Fat Talk Free Week we, as a whole, are trying to stop individuals throughout the nation from judging and critiquing themselves by using ‘fat talk.’ As individuals begin to notice the ‘fat talk’ in their lives, they can stop it at the source. Rather than comparing ourselves to the abnormally skinny models we see in magazines and on the television, we can begin to accept our bodies and learn to love ourselves for who we are. Fat Talk Free Week was a huge success at UNH and could be the start of an anti-judging revolution.

For more information on Fat Talk Free Week please visit Reflections Body Image Program.