Healthy UNH was formed in the fall of 2008 through a charge from President Mark Huddleston to improve the health of the campus community while decreasing healthcare costs.

Following the charge, Barbara Arrington, the Dean of the College of Health and Human Services, and Dick Cannon, the Vice President for Finance and Administration, formed the Healthy UNH Action Committee. The Committee is a team of faculty, staff, and student leaders from academic, business, and service departments across UNH. The early goals of the committee were to address the charge and develop a sustainable plan for a Healthy UNH.

The early work of the Healthy UNH Action Committee was to look at health care by considering trends in wellness, illness, and cost. This included developing an overview of programs and services offered through the University System, Human Resource departments, and the existing insurance carrier.

Following this review, the committee members were called upon to develop a vision and set of core values, priorities, and actions that were reflective of the President’s charge, and also considered the campus population, market environment, and available services through on-campus programs and departments.

Healthy UNH officially launched in October 2009 with a campus-wide walk and health fair, kicked off by President Huddleston.