Your Ultimate Mindful Eating Experience

Your Ultimate Mindful Eating Experience

YUMEE Group for Students

YUMEE is a mindful eating group for UNH students who want to normalize their eating behaviors, develop a healthy relationship with food, and stop the overeating, bingeing, dieting cycles. The group will focus more on how to eat rather than what to eat or what not to eat.

Join this group to learn a mindfulness approach to eating that reduces overeating, emotional eating and binge eating. Learn about clinically proven techniques and skills of mindfulness-based eating. There will be opportunities for group discussions, activities to practice mindfulness-based eating meditations on eating, hunger, cravings, and loving kindness.

Why YOU should participate...

    • I feel out of control with food and eating
    • I eat large amounts of food even when I am not hungry
    • I experience negative emotions during and after eating
    • I use food to deal with stress
    • I have had little or no success with dieting and exercise plans
    • I habitually eat too fast
    • I feel stuffed and uncomfortable after eating
    • I feel uncomfortable with my body weight

Benefits of mindful eating...

  • Less food-associated guilt and more non-judgmental awareness of eating experiences
  • Greater confidence in the ability to make mindful food choices
  • Heightened awareness and cultivation of physical hunger and fullness
  • Enhanced pleasure and enjoyment of food
  • Greater ability to balance emotional needs and stress without using food
  • Improved awareness and cultivation of self-acceptance

YUMEE - Next Group Will Start in Fall 2014

    • Free and open to UNH students 
    • Meets for 6 weeks 
    • 4:10 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. 
    • Health Services Conference Rooms (2nd floor)
    • Facilitated by Maria Larkin, Nutrition Counselor and a Dietetic Intern 

If you would like to meet individually about mindful eating, please make an appointment with Maria Larkin, Nutrition Counselor.