Our Pharmacy is available to all UNH students, employees and dependents of employees who are 18 years of age or older.  

Who needs to write me a prescription to be filled at your pharmacy?

Our Pharmacy provides most commonly needed prescriptions and a variety of non-prescription medication/products at reduced cost. 

  • Practitioners at Health Services
  • Wentworth-Douglass Emergency Department.
  • Outside practitioners (for medications we carry).

Does the Pharmacy carry all prescribed medications?

No, we have a limited selection of prescribed medications but most commonly needed medications are available. Please call the Pharmacy if you would like to know if we carry a medication.

How can I get my prescription filled at the UNH pharmacy?

  • We accept prescriptions that are written, called in or faxed.
  • Please bring written prescriptions directly to the pharmacy.
  • Telephone prescriptions may be called in at (603) 862-1094.
  • Faxed prescriptions can be faxed to (603) 862-3229.

When will my refill be ready?

Your refill will be ready within two hours.

What if I have a prescription from an outside pharmacy I want refilled?

If we carry the medication, bring your labeled prescription container and student ID to our Pharmacy. Please allow 24 hours for us to transfer your prescription to us from your pharmacy.

Do you sell non-prescription medications?

We sell a variety of non-prescription medications, including pain medications, antacids, and cough and cold preparations.

I am a student, does my health fee cover the cost of medications prescribed by Health Services practitioners?

The student health fee covers the cost of some prescription medications, however, others are chargeable. All prescription medications covered by the health fee have a $5.00 co-pay. Our Pharmacy and clinical staff will inform you if your medication is not covered by the health fee. All non-prescription medications are chargeable.

How can I pay for my medications?

You may pay by cash, check, credit card or Cat's Cache. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept outside health insurance plans at this time, with the exception of the UNH Student Health Benefits PlanCo-payments for medications are due at the time of pick up. We accept cash, check, Cat’s Cache, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover.

Do you sell birth control pills and other contraceptive methods?

Yes. If you have a new prescription from an outside provider we can fill it in our pharmacy, if it is a prescription we carry.

If you originally filled your prescription at another pharmacy, we can transfer any remaining refills, if it is a prescription we carry.

If you need a new or refill birth control prescription written, we will need to receive records of your most recent physical exam. If you don't have this information, Health Services provides PAP Smears and gynecological exams. Appointments are available by calling (603) 862-2856 or online.

Filling Prescriptions:

  • We accept prescriptions that are written, called in or faxed
  • Bring written prescriptions directly to the pharmacy
  • Phone (603) 862-1094
  • Fax (603) 862-3229

Internet Resources:

  • Drug Watch
    Features a comprehensive list of drugs and medications that are currently on the market, or were previously available worldwide. This site is dedicated to educating the public about prescription and non-prescription medications.