UNH Kicks Butts

Kick your tobacco habit to the curb!

UNH Kicks Butts

Kick Butts is on March 19, 2014 and is a national day of activism that began in 1996. Over 1,000 events in schools and communities across the United States and around the world are expected to participate in this year's campaign. Kick Butts' goal is to empower youth and young adults to stand out, speak up and seize control against Big Tobacco by: 

  • Raising awareness of the problem of tobacco use in state and local communities; 
  • Encouraging youth and young adults to reject the tobacco industry's deceptive marketing and stay tobacco-free; 
  • Urging elected officials to take action to protect communities from tobacco.
Kick Butts is brought to the UNH Community by S.A.F.E. (Substance Awareness Through Functional Education, a Health Services peer education group  in collaboration with Breathe NH and is organized nationally by the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids and sponsored by the United Health Foundation. 

Kick Butts at UNH

NH Soles Lost

NH Soles Lost Exhibit and Memorial Wall 

  • Tuesday, March 18th 
  • 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. 
  • Granite State Room, MUB 

1,700 pairs of shoes representing the 1,700 lives lost to tobacco related illnesses in NH each year will be presented in a labyrinth for students, faculty, staff and the greater community to visit and walk through. Information regarding historic tobacco policy, public health initiatives, and prevention information will be included in the exhibit as well as the numbers of lives lost to tobacco.

A Memorial Wall will be available for those wishing to remember a family member or friend lost to a tobacco related illness.

Sponsored by S.A.F.E. (Substance Awareness through Functional Education), a UNH Health Services Peer Education group, with assistance from Phi Mu Delta, Delta Xi Phi, Alpha Phi, Lambda Chi
and Alpha Chi Omega. 


Great American Smokeout - November 2013

Smokeout Stations 

S.A.F.E. Peer Educators will be available to provide information on how to quit your use of tobacco products and the resources available at UNH.

  • Thursday, March 20th
  • 11:00 am - 1:00 pm
  • MUB 

Free Quit Kits 

Photo of Quit Kits

Free Quit Kits are always available to the UNH community at our Pharmacy or by visiting a Smokeout Station. Each kit is filled with educational information and tools to help you cope with cravings. 

You can also download materials from our Virtual Quit Kit.



Notice the Chalk

Image of Chalk

S.A.F.E. Peer Educators will be chalking the campus to illustrate that anyone smoking should stay at least 20 feet away from campus buildings. The chalking effort is a way to raise awareness about this campus policy and to share information about the health impact of tobacco use in our community.

UNH Smoking Cessation Services 

You will be most successful in kicking your tobacco habit when you have support and utilize multiple measures rather than using only one. For example, some people use a nicotine replacement product along with meditation and counseling. The good news is, we offer many services to help you kick your tobacco habit to the curb...for good! 

Services are available to ALL UNH students and most are covered by the Health Fee that is included in your full-time tuition. What isn't covered by the Health Fee is offered at reduced cost and is explained to you before care is provided and you are billed. 
*These services are also available to UNH employees and dependents over 18. Healthy UNH has compiled a list of tobacco cessation services for UNH Employees...

Additional Resources

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