Tobacco Counseling and Education

Kick your tobacco habit to the curb!

Tobacco Counseling and Education

We provide individual various health counseling/education services to assist you in quitting your use of tobacco products.

Tobacco Cessation Counseling/Education

All counseling/education appointments for tobacco cessation are with our Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug Educator/Counselor. We can assist you if you are trying to quit your use of any tobacco products. 

During your initial session, the educator/counselor will help you:

  • Design the most effective approach to quit using tobacco products which may include nicotine replacement therapies, hypnosis, medical acupuncture
  • Identify and design a plan to cope with triggers
  • Chose an appropriate quit date
  • Provide follow-up and referral to outside sources, as appropriate.

Make an appoinment by calling (603) 862-3823 or online.

Tobacco Cessation Group 

Group work with others who are trying to quit their use of tobacco products is a great choice for individuals who would like the extra assistance and support during their attempt to quit. Call (603) 862-3823 for more information. 

Stress Management Counseling/Education

Stress management counseling/education is available to help students learn how to cope with stress. This service can be beneficial to everyone trying to quit but can be especially helpful for those who relied heavily on the use of tobacco products as a means to deal with stress.

We also offer the following services that can aid in stress management:

Nutrition Counseling/Education  

Nutrition counseling is available for those who are concerned about weight gain during or after quitting their use of tobacco products. Our Nutrition Counselor is available to help you creat an eating plan and answer nutrition concerns you may have.