Counseling and Education

Stressed Frog - Managing stress at UNH and in college.

Counseling and Education

Stress Management Counseling/Education

Wellness Educators are available to meet with student individually to discuss stress and ways to manage stress. Make an appointment by calling (603) 862-3823 or online. This service is free for students who have paid the Health Fee.

What can I expect from a stress management appointment?

 How each of us responds to stress is as individual as we are. That is why every stress management counseling appointment is different, and tailored to your unique issues, questions, and concerns. Your initial appointment will focus on:

  • Getting to know more about you as a whole person. The Wellness Educator/Counselor will ask you about: nutrition, exercise, sleep, emotional support, relationships with significant other, study habits, and how you manage your time.
  • Determining how you react or respond to the event(s) in your life that are causing you stress.
  • Discussing possible techniques or strategies to reduce the stressor and more effective ways to manage your reaction to the stressor. Sometimes this may include referring you to another campus resource, such as the Counseling Center.

Why would I need a follow up appointment?

Subsequent appointments, if they are deemed necessary and helpful to you, may involve clarifying the ways in which you respond to stress. This may include reviewing coping strategies that you currently use and determining if they are still useful and effective. New coping strategies may also be introduced and tried (i.e.meditation, yoga, journaling).

Together, we will focus on finding ways to best manage your stress, determine what is or isn’t working for you, and make necessary adjustments as you learn new ways of coping with stress.