Financial Wellness

Financial Wellness

Financial wellness is understanding the importance of sustaining ourselves financially for the short and long term.

What Are Signs of Financial Wellness?

Pink Piggy Bank with two dollars sticking out and on a pile of cash

  • Learning how to manage your money and establishing a personal budget.
  • Not living beyond your means.
  • Learning to not let money be the driving force of your life.
  • Donate some of your money, if possible, to a cause you believe in.
  • Make a plan to pay back your student loans.
  • Not getting into credit card debt. Try to pay off the entire balance each month to avoid interest.
  • Thinking long term - set up a savings account.

CashCourse - NEW!

CashCourse is a website filled with quizzes, calculators, and tips that will help you manage your finances while you’re in school and after you graduate. CashCourse provided by UNH Health Services and the Cooperative Extension. GO TO CASHCOURSE NOW >>

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UNH Financial Aid Office 

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