Mandated Alcohol Education Programs

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Mandated Alcohol Education Programs

Mandated Alcohol and Other Drugs Education Programs

We provide education and counseling to current UNH students who have been referred from the Office of Community Standards and/or the local court system for alcohol and/or other drug violations.

Mandatory Questionnaires 

As part of your alcohol education mandate, you are required to complete three questionnaire evaluations. The first will be prior to your initial meeting which can be completed several ways:

  1. Online after you make your initial appointment
  2. By the link attached to your reminder email you receive 24 hours prior to your initial appointment
  3. By Kindle when you come into the office.

The second questionnaire will follow your exit, via Kindle in the office. The final 90 day follow-up questionnaire will be sent via email/secure message, 90 days after your exit appointment. 

Participation in all three questionnaires is necessary to complete you sanction. IN the event you do not comply with this, you will be contacted by either the Office of Community Standards or Joanne Stella (for court), which could result in further fines or academic holds. 

Are You...

We do not see students who are seeking education/counseling for DWI or DUIs. If you would like a referral to an outside agency/counselor, please call (603) 862-3823.