Mandated Alcohol Education - First Offense

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Mandated Alcohol Education - First Offense

About the Alcohol Education Program

You have been referred to the mandated alcohol education/counseling program because you have been either been involved in a violation of UNH policies or were arrested for an alcohol infraction. The purpose of this program is to help you gain knowledge and information on alcohol and/or other drugs and provide you the opportunity to examine your choices. 

Health Services charges a $50 fee to cover the cost of this program. 


What You Need to Do:

It is necessary to complete each step below in order to comply with your sanctions.

Step 1 - Individual Appointment 

Every student mandated for educational services will first meet individually for 50 minutes with an Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug Educator/Counselor. This appointment is required before you will be enrolled in the Alcohol Education Class. 

You can make you appointment by...

  • Calling (603) 862-3823
  • Visiting Health Services Room 249

To make you appointment, you will need to provide your full name, student ID number, current address, phone number and who referred you and why. If you have been referred by the University Student Lawyer, an outside lawyer, court official or police, you must obtain and bring copies of your court agreement and police report to your first appointment.

You are responsible for keeping the appointment you schedule. Failure to attend your appointment will results in a no-show fee of $25 for each missed appointment. If you need to cancel/reschedule an appointment, call (603) 862-3823. You must cancel 24 hours before you appointment to avoid being charged a fee. 


Step 2 - Complete Confidential Online Questionnaire

After you have made your appointment, you must complete a confidential online questionnaire prior to your appointment. 

Step 3 - Attend the Alcohol Education Class

After completing your individual appointment you will be scheduled into the next available Alcohol Education Class. The goal of the class is to provide you with an opportunity to increase your knowledge, clarify values, complete a self-assessment and examine ways to reduce your risk regarding your use of alcohol. All students mandated to the Alcohol Education program are required to attend this educational class, without exception. The class is 2.5 hours long.  

You must attend the class you are registered for, only those students who are registered will be allowed into the class. If you do not attend the alcohol education class as scheduled, or are not admitted due to late arrival you will be charged an additional $50 fee for the missed class.


Step 4 - Individual Exit Appointment 

Upon completing the class you will meet with your original Alcohol, Tobacco and other Drug Educator/Counselor for an individual exit session and complete an Exit Evaluation Questionnaire. If the counselor has further recommendations for you, he/she will make them at this time. You must comply with all recommendations, which could include further counseling with the Office of Health Education and Promotion, the Counseling Center, or an outside therapist.

The final 90 day follow-up questionnaire will be sent via email/secure message, 90 days after your exit appointment. Participation in all three questionnaires is necessary to complete you sanction. In the event you do not comply with this, you will be contacted by either the Office of Community Standardsor Joanne Stella (for court), which could result in further fines or academic holds. 

It is necessary to complete all education and counseling requirements determined by the Office of Health Education and Promotion staff in order to comply with your sanctions from the Office of Community Standards or the other (off-campus) referring sources. Upon completion, the person who referred you to the program will be notified. You will need to sign a medical release of information if this person is from outside of UNH (including the University Student Lawyer).



If you have any questions about this program, please call (603) 862-3823.