About Alcohol at UNH

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About Alcohol at UNH

Choices Matter

This video highlights the consequences of violating alcohol and other drug-related rules and laws both on and off campus at The University of New Hampshire. These were real events taped at UNH and in the town of Durham NH during the spring of 2008.

The First 6 Weeks 

Information about low-risk drinking and important information all first year studets should know about UNH policies and NH state laws about alcohol use.  

Facts About Alcohol 

We have attempted to answer some of the commonly asked questions UNH students asks us about alcohol.  Do you have a question to add?

Low-Risk Drinking Tips 

Helpful tips to help you reduce your risk of alcohol related negative consequences.  


This is one the most visited pages on our site. Learn more about blackouts and how you can prevent getting one. 

Being Alcohol Free

Many UNH students don't drink or "party" and still have a fun and active social life. Learn ways you can choose not to party drunk, when it seems everyone around you is drinking. 

Alcohol and Energy Drinks

Learn how alcohol and energy drinks can be a dangerous mix. 

Medical Amnesty

Medical amnesty is whereby if a student demonstrates signs of significant physical distress due to alcohol consumption, s/he may receive amnesty if s/he calls for medical assistance, or the student who calls for help on his/her behalf.