Educational Programs

Educational Programs

All of our programs are...

  • Created and presented by Wellness Educators/Counselors and trained interns and peer educators  
  • Designed based on the needs of the audience and include lecture, discussion, videos and/or experiential learning 
  • Can be presented in residence halls, sorority/fraternity houses, classrooms, staff/student trainings, conferences, workshops 
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Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs

  • The Drinking Game 
    A fun, interactive game that tests student’s knowledge about  alcohol and other drug facts, the effects of these substances on the body and the most recent statistics regarding UNH use on campus. Updated yearly, this game offers thought provoking questions, role plays and spontaneous debates which combine education and fun as teams compete for the top prize.
  • One Drink Over The Line
    This program takes a look at the tipping point from low-risk drinking behaviors to what is defined as high-risk and or binge drinking. Breaking down the nuts and bolts of drinking, students participate in hands-on demonstrations by pouring standard shots of alcohol, brainstorm strategies for risk reduction, and exploring alternative activities available on campus.
  • What's That Drug?
    A unique game of concentration and memory challenges student to learn about different drugs including non-prescription and prescription medications, illicit drugs and even supplements. Teams compete using a giant game board and matching cards. The team with the most matches wins.
  • Helping a Friend
    Most of us will know someone with a drinking problem at some point in our lives. Research supports that it will often happen in college. What can you do to help? Learn tips and techniques to help a friend or loved one who may be struggling with an alcohol or drug problem.
  • Tobacco Bingo
    Yes that’s right, It’s an old fashion bingo party educating students about the health effects of tobacco use, chemical components in cigarettes, national and UNH campus statistics, and tips for quitting.
  • Cultural Perspective on Alcohol
    How is alcohol used in other countries? How is it involved in religion, rituals and rites? Does the U.S. have a bigger drinking problem because of the drinking age? These and other questions will be explored as we look at how alcohol is used around the world and on our campus.

Nutrition, Eating Concerns and Body Image

  • Eating Well at UNH 
    This program focuses on the struggles that first year students may have with nutrition. Topics that are covered in this program include healthy eating tips, snack ideas, how to make smoothies, ways to keep physically fit, and debunking myths, such as the "freshman 15." 
  • Mindful Eating 101 
    This program assists students who are struggling with mindless or stress eating, eating too fast or without any thought by teaching skills particpants can use to slow down and enjoy food, mindfully. 
  • The Body Project 
    This program focuses on the pressures college students may endure related to body image, eating concerns and the way in which mass media perpetuate these issues. Students will learn how to challenge media ideals, fat talk statements among peer groups, increase their confidence, and overall decrease their chances of obtaining an eating disorder. This program is typically 90 minutes long. Learn more about The Body Project >> 

Sexual Health and Sexual Orientation

  • Contraceptive Choices
    This program leads partipants through all the available methods of contraception. 
  • Women's Sexual Health
    This program educates students about the basics of what to expect in an annual exam, including having a pap smear and Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) testing, and doing a breast self-exam.
  • Men's Sexual Health
    This program educates students about the importance of ment being being seen for regular exams, including STI testing and testicular self-exams.
  • Safer Sex
    This program gives students opportunities to learning about sexual safety, HIV and Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) prevention, sexual decision-making, and sexual self-care.
  • Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)
    This program is about the basics of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs), including signs and symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention.
  • Divine Sexuality
    This program helps students learn about what they think, believe, feel, and have been taught about sex and sexuality through completing their own sexuality lifeline.

Stress Management and Wellness


  • Just Because Your'e Fierce and Fabulous - A Poetry Writing Workshop
    This program provides students with an opportunity to learn about their own self-esteem and practice meditation and poetry writing as a way to honor what they value and unleash personal strengths. Particpants will have the opportunity to have your voice seen and heard by contributing their poetry to a public poetry/art display we are planning for the UNH community.  No previous poetry writing experience needed.  This program is based off the UNH Being Fierce and Fabulous women's empowerment group.
  • Paws and Relax with Hamilton 
    Paws and Relax is a pet therapy program at UNH that aims to enhance the well-being of students.  Hamilton can be requested to visit with UNH student groups. Learn more about Paws and Relax >>
  • Write Your Own Prescription for Stress 
    Using expressive writing and meditation techniques, students will reflect upon their stress and identify ways that they can relax and take time for themselves on a daily basis.  Education regarding the Wellness Wheel/holistic health and wellness is provided.
  • Meditation
    This program introduces students to the basic concepts of meditation and how medication can be used to promote relaxation and overall wellness. Please have students come dressed comfortably, with loose fitting clothes.
  • Mandalas and Coloring Therapy 
    Engaging in a creative process will initiate relaxation because of it meditative qualities.  Research indicates that it can help a person become more focused and even suggests that it may help with cognitive functioning.  By coloring and mandala making, students are taught practical stress management techniques as well as experience the power of metaphoric expression.
  • Are You on the Right Cash Course?  
    Many college students have minimal skills in managing their money and debt. The CASH (Create a Savings Habit) program gives an excellent overview of budgeting, saving, credit card debt and money management.
  • Massage
    This program is an interactive experience. Students learn how to do self massage on their heads, hands and feet as well as learn how to massage others.  They are introduced to various techniques that enhance the massage and also learn the benefits of it. Please have students bring a pillow for a more comfortable experience.
  • Relationships
    This program will help students explore the kinds of relationships (friendships, dating, intimate partners, etc) that they want to develop and nourish in their lives.
  • Spiritual Health and Its Connection to Wellness 
    What is your philosophy of life? What standards and ethics do you live by and how did you come to live by them? What does faith and spirituality mean to you? Self knowledge and understanding around these concepts contributes to wellness and balance in our lives. Through imagery, meditation and discussion students will have the opportunity to explore their personal beliefs. This program helps students examine the standards in which they live by, as well as learn about, and develop understanding and acceptance for others.

Party Kits

  • Sleep Party Kit
    The Sleep Party Kit includes educational material on how to get a better night's sleep and all the materials needed to have each participant create their own aromatherapy filled eye pillow.
  • Coloring Party Kit
    The Coloring Party Kit includes educational material on expressive arts  and how an engaging and creative activity such as coloring can reduce stress and foster a state of relaxation.  Kit includes pre-drawn mandalas/designs.  Just add art supplies and some relaxing music.

Design Your Own Program

  • Our staff is always looking to run new programs! If you have a program/topical idea in mind we can sit down with you to discuss your ideas and design a program that is tailored to your specific audience and goals. We suggest that you give us at least 2-3 weeks to make this happen. This timeframe includes time to meet with you individually.
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