Sara Dillingham

Sara Dillingham

2013 Pink Triangle Winner:    Sara A. Dillingham

Sara Dillingham is dedicated to advancing awareness and understanding of LGBTQ lives and experience in our campus culture. She consistently encourages her fellow students to examine their attitudes and behaviors on LGBTQ issues, and encourages them to think about how they might work as allies to the LGBTQ community.

As the Student Coordinator for the UNH Safe Zones Program, she works to administer and enhance a program that is quickly becoming one of the best in the country. She has been helping to create an evaluation of the program to insure its long-term success. Her assistance will be key in guaranteeing that the Safe Zones program will be effective for years to come.

Sara has also worked with UNH Alliance, Delta Zi Phi (DXP) Multicultural Sorority, MLK Leadership and the Diversity Support Coalition.

Her latest goal is to increase the visibility of allies and to build a sustainable foundation on campus for allies to join together to advocate for equity.