The Commission reviews its membership at the end of the spring semester. Candidates for membership are recommended by the Commission and appointed by the University President. If you are interested in applying for membership on the GLBT Commission, please contact us at (603) 862-1058 or via email.

In addition to the official membership opportunity, another way to get involved in the work of the Commission is to join one of its working groups. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about current efforts.

2013-2014 Members

Fr. Michael Bradley
Community Member, St. George's Episcopal Church, Durham

ReGina Chavez
Graduate Student

Annie Crossman
Undergraduate student

Kathi Derby

Information Technologist III, IT Communications

AliciaAlec Dufield
Undergrad Student

Katie Edwards
Assistant Professor, Psychology & Women's Studies

Elena Long
Post Doc Research Associate, Physics

Mary Anne Lustgraaf
Director, MUB

Shannon Marthouse  - Co-Chair
Assistant Dean of Students, Vice President Student Affairs Office

Kelly Martin
Graduate Student

Kate McAfee
Function Coordinator, Athletic Facilities & Internal Operation

Sean Moundas
  - Co-Chair
Staff Psychologist, Counseling Center

Gregg Orifici
Asst Director, Center for International Education

Julia Rodriguez
Associate Professor of History

Kei Saito
Graduate student

Ari Schaaff
Undergrad Student

Erica Vazza
Undergrad Student

Tamsin Whitehead
Lecturer, Women's Studies

Ex-Officio Members

Ellen Semran
LGBTQ Program Coordinator, OMSA

Donna Marie Sorrentino
Director, Affimative Action & Equity Office

Sylvia Foster
Educational Program Coordinator, President's Commissions Office

Janice Pierson
Senior Program Support Asst, President's Commissions Office