The President's Commission on the Status of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Issues continues to support the inclusion of GLBT issues in the curriculum. This includes efforts for curriculum infusion, course addition, and co-curricular educational programming. In addition, the Commission has played a central role in the advocacy, support, and promotion of the Queer Studies Emphasis at UNH.

Queer Studies Logo 

Queer Studies is inter-disciplinary, drawing upon cultural and social history, theory, sociology, psychology, theatre, anthropology, law and political science, among other fields. Because Queer Studies grew out of feminist scholarship into a distinct field of inquiry, the Women's Studies Program houses our Queer Studies Emphasis. Please see the Queer Studies website for more information.

Curriculum resources available to the community include books and videos for lending.


Just a few examples of course offerings:

flyer for Queer Theory course

Queer Studies Course FlyerQueer Studies Course Flyer



Bias Free Language Guide

Inclusive Classroom Syllabus Guidelines

Web Site: Creating an LGBTQ Friendly Educational Experience for Students.  Resources for building an accepting, safe, affirmative environment for LGBTQ students both inside and outside of the classroom

In addition, Commissions Office staff can help connect you with faculty who have expertise in this area. Please contact us for more information.