Current Graduate Student

Thesis/Project Title
Tyler Demers MS Professor Benoît TBD
Edward Galvin MS Professor Benoît Consolidation Properties of Oil Contaminated Soft Clays
Marc Grenier MS Professor Benoît Timber Piles Uses in the USA
Marc Gullison
Professor Benoît
Use of “Smart Rocks” for Debris Flow Modeling
Pegah Jarast PhD Professor Ghayoomi Partially Saturated Soil Property measurement in Field Tests
Morteza Mirshekari PhD Professor Ghayoomi Seismic Site Response Analysis Considering Partially Saturated Soils
Paul Regis MS Professor Benoît TBD
Americo Santamaria
Professor Benoît

Research Topic: Finite Element Analysis of PV Drains for Test Embankment on Soft Clay

Ganna Suprunenko MS Professor Ghayoomi Strain-Dependent Dynamic Material Characteristics of Unsaturated Soils