People in the Lab

Serita Frey

Ph.D., Colorado State University

Principal Investigator

UNH Faculty Profile
(603) 862-3880
114 James Hall, Durham, NH 03824

Serita Frey
Mel Knorr

Mel Knorr

M.S., Ohio State University

Supervisor Laboratory Researcher


Mel Knorr manages Serita’s soil microbiology lab, works closely with graduate students on their various projects and maintains several long-term experiments at the Harvard Forest LTER. Her specific interests involve exploring relationships among C and N cycling and microbial community composition as impacted by chronic warming and N deposition.

Ryan Stephens

Ph.D., University of New Hampshire

Post-doctoral researcher


Ryan's website

By exploring the linkages among small mammals, mycorrhizal fungi, and trees, Ryan’s research addresses questions at the nexus of animal ecology, fungal ecology, and forestry to better understand how forests function. His current research investigates the role of small mammals as dispersers of mycorrhizal fungi and how these interaction influence plant and fungal communities during forest regeneration.

Ryan Stephens

Thomas Muratore

M.S., University of Kentucky

Ph.D. Student


Thomas is interested in understanding mechanisms that drive above and belowground forest carbon dynamics in soils that have experienced long-term soil warming and nitrogen deposition. He is particularly interested in the response of root-mycorrhizae interactions on soil C formation and storage under soil warming and nitrogen deposition.

Thomas Muratore
Emily Whalen

Emily Whalen

M.S., University of New Hampshire

Ph.D. Student


Emily is interested in understanding how long-term nitrogen deposition to soils affects decomposition dynamics and microbial community structure and function. She is particularly interested in the role that manganese plays in fungal decomposition of leaf litter.

Olivia Lachapelle

Undergraduate Student

Lab Technician


Olivia is working towards a B.S. in Environmental Science. She has an interest in soil ecology. She performs analyses and assists in collecting and managing data for the Frey lab.

Olivia Lachapelle
Emily Johnson

Emily Johnson

Undergraduate Student

Lab Technician


Emily is working towards a B.S. in Environmental Science with a focus in ecology. In the Frey lab, she helps graduate students and post-doctoral researchers with various methods of data collection for current projects.


Adriana Romero-Oliveras, Post-doc; Asst Professor of Biology at New Mexico State University

Shana Whitney, M.S.; Research Associate at Sanborn, Head, and Associates, Concord, NH

Mark Anthony, PhD; Post-doctoral researcher at ETH, Zurich, Switzerland

Amber Kittle, B.S.; UNH COLSA greenhouse technician

Kevin Geyer, Post-doc; Asst Professor of Ecology at Young Harris College, GA

Gregory Pec, Post-doc; Asst Professor of Biology at University of Nebraska Kearney

Jessica Moore, Post-doc; Post-doctoral researcher at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, TN

Savannah Cooke, B.S.;

Christine Bunyon, B.S.; Project Scientist 1 at FB Environmental, Portsmouth, NH

Eric Morrison, PhD; Post-doctoral researcher, University of New Hampshire

Kim Celona, B.S.; Research Technician, The Pathogen and Microbiome Institute, Northern Arizona University

Linda van Diepen, Post-doc; Assistant Professor, University of Wyoming

Rachel Thiet, Post-doc; Core Faculty, Antioch University—New England

Alix Contosta, Post-doc; Asst Research Professor, University of New Hampshire

Sarah Andrews, Post-doc; Post-doctoral researcher at the University of Colorado, Boulder

Janice Gilbert, PhD; Wetland Ecologist, Consultant, and Advisor, Ontario, Canada

Liz Landis, MS; PhD Student, Tufts University

Katie Burnham, MS; US Parks Service, Yosemite National Park

Bill Errickson, MS; Cooperative Extension agent at Rutgers University

Lindsey O’Reilly, MS; Soil and Wetland Scientist, Gove Environmental Services

Eric Saas, MS; Ohio Environmental Protection Agency

Heather Smith, MS; Science Teacher, Spaulding High School, NH

Rodney Simpson, MS; Post-doctoral researcher at Colorado State University

Tonia White, MS

Meghan Thornton, REU student; MS student, University of New Hampshire

Lisa Graichen, REU student; Climate Adaptation Program Coordinator, UNH Cooperative Extension

Sarah Eisenlord, REU student; Research Scientist, Gas Technology Institute

Ashley Fetterman, REU student; Microbiologist, NovoBiotic Pharmaceuticals

Alison Grantham, REU student; Director of Food Systems Research, Blue Apron

Lindsey Scott, REU student; Research Assistant, Woods Hole Research Center

Chelsea Vario, REU student; Managing Consultant, Opinion Dynamics, San Francisco